Trends of The Month – May 2015

EDITORIAL USE ONLY Chocolatier Jen Lindsay-Clark makes final adjustments to a life-size chocolate sculpture of actor Benedict Cumberbatch, which has been created to celebrate the launch of television channel Drama on the new on-demand service following a national poll which named Benedict as BritainÕs dishiest television drama actor, just in time for Easter. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Issue date: Wednesday April 1, 2015. A crew of eight people worked on the sculpture, which took over 250 man hours to create and weighs 40kg. The statue will be at Westfield Stratford on Friday 3rd April. Photo credit should read: Matt Alexander/PA Wire

A lot of licking
UKTV made a brilliant promo-experiment, a life-size Benedict Cumberbatch sculpture of Belgium chocolate set up at a busy mall in London. This stunt was to see the people’s reaction to “chocobatch”; would they take a selfie, lick it or take a bite?



Another twitter fail broke out, when Gen VK Singh labelled the media, specifically to “Times Now” as “presstitutes”- press+prostitutes. Considering him to be the former army chief, is such language appropriate on a public platform or has he made himself the twitter troll?


Uptown Funk dance trend!
Everybody loves to dance to “Uptown Funk”, even Michelle Obama, but no one does it better than this young boy grooving to this catchy number as echoed in the arena of a Binghamton Senators game with dance moves including pelvic thrusts that would embarrass most adults.

Deepika - my choice 2

VOGUE Empowerment – Deepika/Male Response
The Vogue Empower video was ridiculed just as much as it was appreciated. Some said it reeked of female chauvinism. Some said it was a must watch. It even evoked responses from men all over the internet. Clearly, Homi Adjania and his team missed the whole point and so did the public. What would you make of this video? Well, your choice!

AIB Net neutrality

AIB Net Neutrality Video
While the battle for net neutrality intensified, AIB came up with its own unique mode of communication to raise awareness about the issue among the young population. A nation where over twenty crore use the internet and few even bothered about saving it surely needed a wakeup call in a language they could relate to.

Game of chairs 2

Game of Chairs: Parody
With the return of season 5, Sesame Street’s Grover (Bluejoy) enacted a “Game of Chairs” to see who will rule the land of Jestros. No bloodshed in this version, yet Joffrey’s tantrum over not winning still holds true. When the winner is announced Bluejoy warns Ned, “Do not lose your head over this Neddy Baby”.


Volume 4 Issue 11


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