These Bizarre Ice Cream Flavors Are Sure To Blow Your Mind

bizarre ice cream
Image Credits: Infotain World

Ice-cream is the best form of dessert. There is not one human I have found who dislikes it. I am an ice cream lover and I am sure you are too. 

Madagascar Fine Chocolate, Belgian Chocolate, Very Berry Strawberry, Mint Chocolate Chip, Cookie Dough, Buttered Pecan, Coffee, Brownie Batter, Mango, Pistachios, even Vanilla are the most loved and all-time favorite ice cream flavour savour.

Salivating already, aren’t you? But hold it, because not all ice-creams are tempting. There are some really bizarre ice-creams that can make you want to say ‘No thanks I am good’ when offered. Don’t want to agree? Well, we will see, after you have a look at some of the weirdest ice creams:

Pizza Cold Ice Cream: 

A pizza-flavoured ice-cream made using tomato, basil, salt, oregano and garlic.

Image Credits: Facebook

Cold Sweat Ice Cream: 

As the name goes, this one is sure to make you sweat as it is made from three kinds of peppers and two types of hot sauces. This spicy cold ice-cream sounds a little scary!

bizarre ice cream
Image Credits: YouTube

Vanilla Ice Cream:

Don’t go by its name as it is not our usual normal vanilla ice-cream. This one is a tad bit different. The makers of this ice-cream added proteins found in the jellyfish that make them glow, and added it to the ice-cream. Once you lick it, the proteins get activated and the ice cream starts glowing. Bizarre, isn’t it?

bizarre ice cream
Image Credits: Geek

Sweet Potato Ice Cream: 

Okay…even if sweet potatoes taste real good, an ice cream of it is a bit too much. I wonder who likes it? 

Image Credits: Vegan Baking

Garlic Ice Cream: 

Garlic is a great tastemaker and is essential in almost anything you cook, but that does not mean that it can even make an ice-cream taste better. Why do people go so far with creating something unique, especially in the dessert.

Image Credits: ABC

Cheddar Cheese Ice Cream: 

Just like ice-cream, everyone loves cheese, but separately. However, this one sounds like a better one than the rest. I would like to taste this one.

bizarre ice cream
Image Credits: Food Beast

After all, said, would you still want to go ahead and taste it? The choice is yours.


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