The Perks Of Opting For An Interdisciplinary Studies Degree

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In times when the lines between various job roles are blurring, an interdisciplinary studies degree is a good option to consider. Today, employers require individuals to hold expertise in more than just one job role. The more skills an individual holds, the better. An interdisciplinary degree enables you to do that. 

But first, what’s an Interdisciplinary Studies Degree? 

It is the combination of two or more areas of studies that cross disciplinary boundaries. Such interdisciplinary courses provide education and knowledge of more than one discipline. This enables students to apply knowledge gained from one discipline to the other. 

For example, one learning about arts and literature can also choose to learn about history as these disciplines are interconnected. Taking up interdisciplinary courses helps students to get a wider perspective of a field from all aspects. 

Interdisciplinary courses usually cover industry-relevant subjects to prepare students for the industry after the completion of their degrees. 

Why must you choose an interdisciplinary studies degree?

It builds a strong foundation of more than one discipline that can help in problem-solving that flows across various departments. 

Students get a chance to pursue a career in more than one field that interests them 

It helps in the critical thinking of students as they apply knowledge gained from various disciplines to solve problems. 

Having knowledge of more than one profession or field is beneficial in today’s competitive world. 

Enrolling into an interdisciplinary course opens up options for students. They can shift careers whenever they want since they have the knowledge and the qualifications in more than one discipline. 

Taking up multiple internships that require you to perform functions not just restricted to one area of work can also help supplement your interdisciplinary course. For example, you may be a literature student but also have an interest in pursuing journalism. Taking up internships will help you explore your interests along with pursuing an interdisciplinary course.  

If you are facing confusion in choosing the combination of your major subjects, you can always seek the help of your professors who will guide you better. 

Today, almost every college and university offer interdisciplinary course and some also enable you to customise your own subjects. This said, opting for such a course will definitely go a long way in benefiting your career. 


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