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Study in Australia
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A young individual having dreams that soar high will definitely aspire to receive prime education from one of the best universities in the world. Such an individual will consider all options and choose what is best for her/him. Many individuals today choose to study abroad in countries that offer an excellent education. One such study abroad destination is Australia. 

There are endless reasons why education pundits strongly recommend aspiring international students to study in Australia. The country is home to 8 universities that are ranked among the top 100 universities of the world. Australia is also one of the most student-friendly countries for international students. Students that study in Australia also have the right to work in the country for two years after the completion of their study due to flexible visa facilities and rules. Even though studying in Australia might become a little heavy on the pockets, the wide range of scholarships, grants and bursaries provided by Australian universities to meritorious students, makes education a little cheaper. 

An individual opting to study in Australia is sure to find a course of his interest as the universities there provide a wide variety of approximate 22,000 courses. One can study courses ranging from engineering to film making. 

University of Sydney
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While interacting with Youth Incorporated, the vice-chancellor of the University of Sydney, Dr Michael Spence stated that though there are many distinct reasons behind pursuing higher education in Australia, one of the major reasons is that the universities of Australia, especially the University of Sydney offers a ‘T shaped’ pedagogy. This implies that the nature of academics in Australia has both breadth and depth. Besides providing various study options, the University of Sydney also ensures students receive detailed knowledge about the chosen course. This is an attempt to provide to students, international level quality education. 

university of sydney
Dr.Michael Spence (Vice-Chancellor, University of Sydney)

The University of Sydney is the oldest university in Australia and has been excelling in providing rich education to its students since then. Currently, it holds students from 140+ nationalities out of which 1,600 students are from India. 

Dr. Spence states that the faculties at the University of Sydney are now working to prepare students for ‘Education 4.0’, i.e education for the fourth industrial revolution. He further says that since all across the globe fear of jobs becoming redundant due to the efficiency of machines, it is important to equip students with characteristics that will enable humans to instruct machines what to do.  

The University of Sydney promotes critical thinking and problem-solving qualities by letting their students take up internships and part-time work on campus as well as off-campus. This way students learn to take up and face the real-world challenges even before they graduate with a degree. 

The government of Australia enables international students to work for 20 hours a week during the course of study. This makes it easy for students to bear daily expenses. 

University of NSW
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The Australian universities, besides offering courses on mainstream careers like Medicine, Engineering, Computer Science, Finance, etc, they also provide courses which have recently started gaining popularity among the youth. The University of New South Wales is one such university that offers a diverse range of courses right from business to arts and culture. Currently, there are about 2000 Indian students studying at UNSW, Sydney.

Prof. Ross Harley (Dean of Art & Design, UNSW)

Mr. Ross Harley, Dean of the Faculty of Art & Design of the University of New South Wales mentioned to Youth Incorporated that more and more students have started exploring the field of arts, culture, and media. He further added that students who pursue a degree in design, media, or fine arts, can build a career in any creative industry which includes cinema and film making, web designing, apps production, data visualisation, IoT (Internet of Things), and many more. 

What makes the design school of UNSW Sydney different from other design schools in Australia, is that it collaborates with medical researchers, collects the released data related to topics like single-cell study, study of cancer, study of how the brain functions, etc and using the techniques of arts and design, creates large scale displays, states Mr. Ross Harley. This helps scientists to better understand their work and also helps the design students to work on real projects. 

Since the University of New South Wales is a research-intensive educational institute, it also provides students with a doctorate degree (PhD).  

study in australia
Dr. Tracy Wilcox (Business School, University of New South Wales)

Aspiring international students from India who wish to study business will largely benefit too if they pursue a degree in Business from the business school of UNSW guarantees Ms. Tracy Wilcox, Academic Director for Postgraduate Programs in the Business School. She states that the business school of UNSW understands the dynamism and rich diversity of business in India. Studying business from UNSW, she adds, will not just equip Indian students with the required technical knowledge, but also teach them how to build and shape their own career by making themselves employable. 

UNSW also holds tight the hands of those students who aspire to entrepreneur their own startups. For this purpose, Ms. Wilcox informs that the university has a whole division of enterprise that runs an innovation centre known as the Michael Crouch Innovation Centre that specially trains students for entrepreneurship. They also have many extra-curricular activities in design thinking, development of lane canvas, hackathons, case competitions, etc which help students hone entrepreneurship skills. 

With a degree in Business, one can pursue a career in a varied field that includes working as a Business Analyst, Auditors, Human Resource Officers, Investment Bankers, Marketing Managers, Risk Managers, Portfolio Managers, International Business Advisors, Entrepreneurs, Brand Managers, etc. 

When you opt to study in Australia, you endorse yourself for a truly fulfilling educational experience. Not only is it safe for international students, but is extremely welcoming towards Indian students. Both the faculty of the University of Sydney as well as UNSW were highly keen to have Indian students study in their universities as they believed that these students actively participate in not just academics but also in extracurricular activities. They are hardworking, dedicated, and intelligent who find it easy to grasp the imparted knowledge. 

With this said, you must exploit this opportunity and consider choosing Australia as your study abroad destination. 


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