How Big A Fan Are You Of Stranger Things? Take This Quiz To Find Out

Stranger Things

Stranger Things has created quite the buzz and craze among all. From binge-watching, the series to making it a part of a serious conversation with friends, almost every other individual has become obsessed with it! The obsession is infectious and is spreading fast among many more. If you call yourself a Stranger Things fan, take this quiz to find out how well you know the series.

What day does Will get taken into the Upside Down?
Which is the song that saves Max from Vecna?
What video game is Dustin playing in season 2 when Max beats his high score?
What is the name of Nancy's friend who dies?
Which of these is not a Stranger Things monster?
Who creates the term "mouth breathers"?
What is the name of the Russian scientist who goes on the run with Joyce and Hopper in season 3?
Who does Eleven beat in the game that involves children standing in circles in the lab?
Who says this to their mum? "If anyone asks where I am, I’ve left the country"


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