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The healthiest way to lose weight involves a complete change in one’s lifestyle and does not include crash diets or sporadic bursts of exercise. Indeed, this revamped lifestyle might be a put off for some, while others may resort to procrastination. However, once you make a start and begin to see and feel the difference, you will be motivated to go on. Th ere are a number of vital steps that you should stick to when it comes to effectively losing those extra kilos.

It’s important to be motivated, persistent and have a strong belief in yourself. In fact, you might only begin to notice any changes after a few good weeks of keeping with your fitness routine and diet. One of the most difficult aspects of losing weight is maintaining a high level of motivation. Th ere might be days when you feel like binging on your favourite food, but this is only natural, and you should try your best to not give in. A good way to remain motivated during your healthy weight loss plan is to celebrate when you hit your goals. For instance, when you check your weight and see the scales dip, you can reward yourself with a new piece of clothing or a day full of relaxation at the spa! Sandeep Sachdev, who successfully lost a whopping 50.7kgs on the reality show ‘India’s Biggest Loser’ says, “Start small, think big was the golden piece of advice that was given to me by my commerce teacher when I was studying in Class 12. Th ese words have stuck with me, and I make sure to apply this saying in every sphere of life. It has kept me motivated, confident, strong and an achiever for life.” Sachdev, who became a fitness trainer after losing oodles of weight and managing to keep it off , feels that the saying ‘Rome was not built in a day’ would be apt to describe the process of healthy weight loss.

Exercise daily if you wish to keep those extra kilos at bay and make it a practice to kick-start your metabolism (a vital factor that helps one in the weight loss process). The consumption of certain foods will help you with that much-needed metabolism boost. The combination of these practices is the main secret to losing weight. Gradually increase the minutes in your exercise routine as the days go by. One of the most important pointers to keep in mind during your weight loss process is to take in fewer calories than you burn. A nutritious food plan coupled with a well-planned fitness regime will take you in the direction you wish to go when it comes to effectively losing weight. It’s important to push yourself to go on and not cave in when it comes to your workouts. Sachdev, says, “Back in 2007, my trainer had asked me to run 3km in a span of 20 minutes as part of my daily 90-minute routine workout. The first time I managed to clock
2.76kms. Aft er this session, I thought of applying the ‘start small, thing big’ mantra, which effectively worked to my advantage. I managed to reach the 3km mark only aft er seven sessions, since I made sure to beat my previous record each time. My pace of running accelerated by small margins but it was only increasing, and this is what kept me motivated. Aft er sticking to this disciplined practice, I managed to run 43kms a day!”
If you gradually increase the pace or include more exercises in your workout routine as the days go by, and at the same time keep a watch on your calorie intake, you will most certainly lose weight. It’s the only proven way aft er all!

Have you always imagined losing weight without going on one of those crazy diets? Well, it’s possible, and all you have to do is maintain a nutritious eating plan. It’s important to burn more calories than the calorie count of your food intake. Since fat contains the highest amount of calories, which are more difficult
to burn as compared to other food types like carbohydrates and proteins, it’s best to cut down on fatty foods. Try to incorporate more wholegrain breads, fruits and vegetables instead of white bread, sugar-laden colas and fried food. Drink a lot of green tea, a well-known metabolism kick-starter. Avoid skipping meals as it slows down your metabolism. Instead, you should try to eat around eight small meals a day. “You will be surprised to know that if you eat healthy, you will be able to consume enough food that has the ability to keep you satisfied at all times of the day,” says Sachdev.
There are no shortcuts to losing weight the healthy way. Out of personal experience, Sachdev feels that when it comes to fitness, one must realise that expecting quick results can eventually lead to a downer. “The one and only mantra that should be applied to your weight-loss regime is to start scaling up workouts (calories out) and scaling down unhealthy eating habits (calories in). The mantra of starting small and thinking big is also very effective,” he explains. By keeping your weight in the healthy range, you will also less likely be troubled by illnesses in the years to come.

Utilising the power of positive visualisation can help you to a great extent during your weight-loss process. You heard that right! Just imagine, envision and see how the results show. This is because positive imagery sets the stage for positive results. Obviously, you need to supplement this with your fitness routine and nutrition plan. After all, nothing comes really easy in life! This powerful method of programming your mind automatically helps the body to conform to this image. Visualisation also helps to break bad habits since this method puts one in charge of their subconscious, the place where all habits are stored. It’s a good idea to fix a goal for the ideal amount of weight you wish to lose.
Remember that weightloss is a combination of hardwork, persistence, motivation and sacrifices. If you really want to lose weight, you will be able to. Now that you are armed with this information, it’s time to get going and begin working towards a happier and leaner you!

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  • Never skip a wholesome breakfast
  • Eat five small meals at regular intervals
  • Replace unhealthy treats like fried potato chips with a healthier substitute like baked potato chips or sunflower seeds
  • Try and avoid the intake of carbs after 5 pm and fruits after dinner
  • Avoid sugar-laden fizzy drinks. Instead, drink a good amount of water and fresh juices
  • Swap whole milk for skimmed milk
  • Exercise daily to stay in shape and to boost your metabolism
  • Keep a food journal to keep track of your food habits
  • Avoid white foods like white sugar and white fl our. Replace this with brown sugar and try to eat whole-grain breads instead
  • Include high-fibre foods in your diet
  • Cut down on the intake of processed foods, alcohol and fried foods


After winning ‘India’s Biggest Loser’ for losing a whopping 50.57kgs on the reality show, Sandeep Sachdev went on to become a fitness consultant at Fitness First. Today, he is the personal training ambassador for Fitness First, as well as the personal trainer to celebrities. Born out of his passion for fitness, Sachdev gave up a career in banking for a career in the field of fitness and training.

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