Someplace Else, Kolkata


You wouldn’t expect an alternative music scene to be housed at the snazzy Park Hotel, but Someplace Else the best place for live music in Kolkata. It’s one of the places in the city that promises an enjoyable night out even on a Monday night. If you enjoy rock and blues, then this is a place you simply must visit. The small Victoran-style pub has been a hallmark of the city’s music scene and popular bands like Skinney Alley and Hip Pocket play here regularly. Drinks are expensive but well worth it considering the foot-tapping ambiance and free entry. After the gig, one can step into Tantra, Aqua or Roxy, which are also housed at the Park. Live bands play around 10pm every night of the week so there is no excuse to miss out! Th e Park, 17 Park Street , Park Street, Kolkata

Volume 1 Issue 5


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