Social Media Challenges We Are All Unapologetically Guilty Of Taking

Social Media Challenges
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It is undeniable that social media has an important place in our lives no matter how much we try to avoid it, especially now when it is the only way to communicate with the people we love and miss. From celebrities playing antakshari on social media and singing their hearts out to almost everyone playing online multi-themed bingo, everyone indulges in these fun activities from time to time. It entertains us by letting us express our creativity through various challenges and fun games. Lately, a whole trend of social media challenges has surfaced where one person starts a challenge and nominates few other people to do it, who then nominate a few more people to perform the challenge and the chain goes on. This growing trend of viral social media challenges in which people undertake a range of thrilling tasks, from dancing beside a moving car to dumping a bucket of freezing ice water over their heads, has dominated the internet in a short matter of time. 

Here is a list of some of the best social media challenges of all time which are too fun to avoid. 

1.Ice Bucket Challenge

The ice bucket challenge also called the ALS ice bucket challenge is one of the most popular and on top of the ever-growing list of fun social media challenges. In this challenge, the nominated participants have to be filmed while dumping a bucket of sub-zero ice-chilled water over their heads either by themselves or by another person. All the participants were given a time of 24 hours to comply to the challenge or had to forfeit making a charitable donation to promote awareness and research for the disease ALS. This was one of the most fun as well as an educational challenge at the same time.

2. Until Tomorrow Challenge

The latest trend taking over everyone’s feed currently is the “Until Tomorrow Challenge”. In this challenge, users are seen posting silly or an embarrassing photo of themselves on their Instagram page, with the caption ‘until tomorrow’ which stays on their feed for a whole day after which it is deleted. Other users who like the posted picture not realizing what they are signing up for, are most likely to receive a direct message from the person now being challenged to take the legacy of this amusing activity forward.

3. The 10 Year Challenge

If you use social media, you have probably noticed the trend across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter where people posting their recent picture along with a throwback picture mostly from 10 years ago to show how far they’ve come since then. This is ‘the 10-year challenge’. Many celebs from Reese Witherspoon and Ellen De Genres to Kareena Kapoor Khan and Akshay Kumar have been spotted taking part in this challenge.

4. The Mannequin challenge

A trend that began in late October of 2016-2017 saw the videos with the hashtag #MannequinChallenge coming out on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.  In the challenge, people had to remain frozen in their position like mannequins while a camera moved around and filmed them, with the song ‘Black Beatles’ by hip-hop duo Rae Sremmurd playing in the background. The challenge was very enjoyable for the participants and viewers.

5. Kiki Challenge

This challenge spotted people all over the world dancing to the hit song ‘In My Feeling’ by hip-hop superstar Drake from his album ‘Scorpion’. This challenge swarmed the internet in a matter of days. The challenge showed fans shooting themselves, suddenly coming out of a moving car, and dancing to the song through the open gates of the slow-moving vehicle on the road. This was a very dangerous yet a very popular challenge.

6. The Dele Alli Hand Challenge

Social Media Challenges
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The famous football star, Dele Alli’s hand-salute gesture took the internet by a storm. This challenge had people twisting their fingers to make a loop turning their wrist at an odd angle to outline their eyes. The challenge has made its way stateside, with many USA athletes and personalities across the globe trying to mimic the impressive digital flexibility.

7. Kylie Jenner Lip challenge

 Many fans of Kylie Jenner, the billionaire model and make-up enthusiast, who look up to her as their inspiration had created a new challenge called as the ‘Kylie Jenner lip challenge’. After she was seen flaunting her lips on social media which plumped overnight with no explanation, many of teenage fans took it upon themselves to do the same and make their lips appear more plump and fuller by inserting their lips into a shot glass or bottle, then sucking out the air to create a vacuum hoping to have the pouty effect. Funnily enough, some people even over-drew their lips with make-up products. This has been one of the most hilarious challenges yet.

8. The Cinnamon Challenge

The Cinnamon Challenge is one of the most popular social media challenges ever. It is also quite a simple one to do. In this challenge, people have to take one tablespoon filled with cinnamon to the brim and consume it. Within just a few seconds the participant can easily be seen turning red and funnily jumping and asking the person shooting the video, for water. This even invited many spin-off challenges and people ate cupcakes, chillies and even salad. The cinnamon challenge easily spread over all the internet like wildfire with people all over the globe participating in it.

These are some of the social media challenges and game that have gone viral within sometime of their commencement and have unfailingly entertained people. 


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