AR Toothbrush For Kids Unveiled

Smart Toothbrush

A French company called Kolibree announced a smart toothbrush that uses Augmented Reality to make brushing teeth fun for kids, at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Summit.

The device is paired with a motion-tracking app that uses your smartphone’s front-facing camera. It also comes with a phone stand, so your kids don’t have to worry about holding up a phone while they brush.

Kids can choose from 15 different types of games, featuring pirates, princesses, monsters, and a whole cast of fantasy characters. In one version, kids are tasked with shooting a monster who is spreading cavities across the land. As it runs around the screen, the child in turn moves the toothbrush around her mouth to shoot it.

The device also allows parents to monitor their children’s brushing habits. They can also keep track of how many times a day their kids are brushing, how fast, and for how long. The app can only be used three times per day, so as to prevent kids from over-brushing.

It also teaches kids to brush with the Magik toothbrush app. It offers kids guidance on where to brush, how thoroughly to brush, and how long to stay in each spot. Magik will launch later this year, and will retail for under $30.

This is not Kolibree’s first smart toothbrush launch. In early 2017, the company released Ara, a toothbrush that uses artificial intelligence to track oral health and encourage healthy brushing habits.

In 2014, a company called Grush created a toothbrush with a built-in motion sensor that worked with a mobile game app




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