Nilparna & Edgar get their glam looks


“I’m so happy with my new easy-to-wear hair style! I actually love the way it has been given a voluminous look. And, the best part is that it looks cool, yet so chic!”

( HAIR )
• Gave her an asymmetrical look on the whole. Went short with the lower layers at the back, giving more volume to her hairdo
• Bangs have been redefi ned
• Deep red tones in the front accentuate her dusky look
• Blow dried her hair and styled it with a fi nishing product


• Used a foundation to hide pigmentation and finished off the face and neck with a translucent powder
• Accentuated her eye lids and eyes with kajal and blended in turquoise eye shadow, which lent a contrasting look to her red highlights
• Used a nude lip shade and a copper blush to highlight her cheekbones

“My look is so easy to style and the colour is really funky! I just cannot wait to go to college and show my friends my new look!”

( HAIR )
• Squared the sides of his hair for less volume
• Created a disconnected V-cut look at the back of his head
• Created a semi-Mohawk to create height and enhance his cheekbones
• Used Mahogany Brown as a global hair colour, and fi nished off with a diagonal panel on the side of his head
• Styled his hair using hair wax

• Concealed his undereye circles to match his skin colour
• Created an even skin tone using a skin toned foundation

Volume 1 Issue 4


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