20 year-old Priyanka Garg gets a soft appealing look after Sumit Malkotia, stylist and academy trainer at B-blunt, Delhi gives her a marvellous vibrant makeover.


1. Premierly a wash is given to Priyanka’s medium lenght hair to eliminate all the dust and oils. The shampoo chosen suits the silky texture of her hair. A layered cut is given complimenting the shape of the face. This cut focuses on the fringe making it appealing.






2. Next, a mix of L’oreal colours is applied to the lower ends of her hair. Shades of red and magenta are picked up to match the complexion of her face. This look isn’t gaudy, but subtle and trendy.





3. After dousing colour and a good wash, Priyanka is all set for a layered haircut bringing all the lower ends of her hair and the locks in place.








4. Finally, this set of hair is blow dried enhancing the volume and texture. Mnimal nude makeup is done by Tina Rana, make up artist from B-blunt mini Vasant Vihar. Post this makeover, Priyanka emerges as more confident, beautiful and experimental person.



Sumit Malkotia, Stylist and Academy Trainer,
B-BLUNT DELHI “The advanced hairstyling gives a brighter look to Priyanka. Her tensions to experiment with makeovers are overcome.”

STYLIST TIP “A professional needs to be crystal clear with the basics in haristyling so as to obtain best advanced hair results.”

“I am amazed with the final results. I look so beautiful. I never have experimented with hair colours, but now I love it. My hair colour, my cut, everything is totally made especially for me. Thanks to B-blunt”


Volume 2 Issue 3


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