Devanshu Row, a student from Nagpur does not have the time to style his long locks and wanted a look that was easy to maintain. He is given a refreshing makeover that compliments his wild, carefree spirit.

1. Tobacco brown hair colour, which is two shades lighter than Devanshu’s natural hair colour, is applied to his hair. This colour is selected because it works well with Devanshu’s fair complexion.

2. Devanshu’s hair is then exposed to some steam to quicken the colouring process.  Devanshu looks a little uncomfortable as he begins to feel the heat! Luckily, in a few minutes the steam has done its job and the colour kicks in.

3. Once the hair colouring process is over, it’s time to start snipping! Lekha cuts Devanshu’s hair in a way that compliments his curls. Since he doesn’t want to lose the length of his hair, Lekha retains his current look but ensures it doesn’t look unkempt.

4. Finally, Devanshu’s hair is styled and scrunched to complete his makeover. The result is a wild, funky look that also makes his hair look healthy and nourished.

“I really like the layers that have been added to my hair. I al so love the hair col our, it definitely suits my personality. This is very close to the look I had in mind when I came in for the makeover.”

LEKHA SHAH“I have given Devanshu’s hair a sun-kissed colour, which compliments his skin tone beautifully. When he came in his hair was really dry; it is important for him to trim his hair every month if he wants his hair to grow in a healthy manner.”

STYLIST TIP Men should get monthly trims and use the right hair products for their hair. This will allow them to maintain their look with minimum styling.

Volume 2 Issue 1



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