Promote Your Winter Clothing Line On Social Media With These Tips

clothing on social media
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Starting a new business venture in the world of fashion is thrilling. The clothing industry is inundated with fashion-forward brands that make a statement. From streetwear to evening gowns, there is a niche for just about everyone. If it doesn’t exist yet, you’ve found yourself a total goldmine. The way to stand out? Having a point of view and angle that is unique to you.

The advent of social media has taken the importance of choosing the right garments to new heights. Every follower that you reach can share your clothing with their large network. Social media is well-known to be one of the most cost-effective ways of marketing to the masses.

Start with visual branding

Branding is so much more than having a strong, memorable logo. It is about choosing a color scheme, fonts and an overall look and feel that can tell your story without words. Branding is the backbone of your company. Think about it as the face that you put out to the world, the one that lets your audience know what to expect from you.

Some easy-to-implement ideas include:

  • Create a consistent logo and color palette. Don’t be afraid to get creative!
  • Then, update it on all of your social media platforms
  • Create graphic templates that involve your color story – making it easily accessible will ensure that you are constantly implementing it across your feed

Concerned about your lack of design skills? PosterMyWall is an intuitive graphic design tool with thousands of accessible drag-and-drop templates to create social media images with ease. 

Then, consider voice and tone

Outside of devising a sound visual identity, captions and related copy are the most important piece of branding. Think about it this way: if your brand was a person, what adjectives would you want to be associated with it?

Some possible adjectives to get those wheels turning include:

  • Elegant
  • Sophisticated
  • Bold
  • Classic
  • Minimalistic
  • Quirky
  • Feminine

Start by creating a voice and tone guide that includes facets like brand persona, catchphrases, personality traits and vocabulary. Keeping your writing consistent is important. You may have a certain word that you use to describe your brand advocates instead of ‘Brand Ambassador,’ for instance. Ensure that this is conveyed across all platforms. Try to never break that brand personality – it’s what customers know you for. A brand guide will make it easier to stay consistent because you will be able to share it with each social media assistant running the page, leaving little room for error.

Choose social media platforms that support your goals

Choose social media platforms where photo and video is the common denominator. Your audience will be able to understand the gist of your product best on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Pinterest.

To break it down, here is how you can optimally use the following platforms:

a) Instagram: IG Posts, Stories and Reels
b) Facebook: Groups and Bots
c) Pinterest: Boards with High-Resolution Pins
d) TikTok: Videos 

Don’t forget about the importance of video

There is no doubt about it – video is having a major moment right now. It doesn’t take long to recognize the power of video on social media. From Instagram Reels to Facebook Live, video content is lightyears more entertaining than a simple static photo and caption. The best part about the video is less content needs to be generated as it can be repurposed across a variety of platforms.

For instance:

  • Both TikTok and Instagram Reels use 9:16 format
  • IGTV, Facebook and YouTube all use 16:9 format

If your audience is millennials, it is even more important to use video. A recent YouTube survey captured the statistic that 50% of millennials and Gen Z generations said they could not imagine living without video on the daily. 

Here are some high-level ideas to blow your video marketing out of the park:

  • Show a behind-the-scenes look at how clothing is made
  • Create hype about an upcoming seasonal clothing launch
  • Share a short-form video of models with various body types rocking your looks

Tap into influencer marketing

Everywhere you look, influencers are posting the latest and greatest products. While it started with blog posts, today’s influencers are capitalizing on the power of Instagram Reels to really showcase a product from all angles. If you are considering working with an influencer, consider their follower count and engagement levels before signing the deal. Micro-influencers are often more cost-effective to work with and will give you a higher return on investment on your collaboration.

If you are unsure where to start, Influencer Marketing Hub shares a list of the top 15 fashion influencers that would be perfect for your next campaign. Check it out!

Tying it together

No matter which approaches that you decide to take, make a plan first. Solidifying visual and verbal branding identities before you start executing your social media plan will pay off in the long run. Don’t be afraid to be creative with video and influencer marketing. Now, have fun and get creative!


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