Pimp your shorts


You know it’s summer when the days get longer and your denims get shorter! Neerja Deodhar tells you how to give your plain-Jane shorts a makeover and some pizazz

Desi Girl
Steal a sari from your mother’s cupboard and trim off the border and stitch it to the hem of your shorts to add that desi tadka to it! You could also do the same with a Bandhini dupatta. Saree borders make attractive belts too.

Old shirts in your wardrobe can now be put to use! Cut the shirt out in the shape of your pocket and stitch it onto it to add more colour to your shorts. Be careful to make sure that the shirt you’re stitching to your shorts suits the colour of your shorts.

Lacey Love
Ladies love lace – any time, anywhere. Attach lace to the upper part of your pockets or under the legs and pair with a floral shirt to look your classiest best!

Iron – Ons
Iron stickers to the front of your shorts or on the back pocket. Available in three designs at Hobby Ideas!

Bizarre Best Hai

Step 1 

Measure the length from the top of your shorts to the beginning of your pockets. Cut out fabric of a cloth of a contrasting colour.

Step 2

Write a caption like Dekho Magar Pyaar Se or Buri Nazar Waale Tera Muh Kaala on it; illustrate if you want to.

Step 3

Stitch on the fabric and pair these shorts with a top tucked in. All ready to go!


Volume 2 Issue 12


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