Out of the Box, Delhi


‘Out of the box’ the name suggests it all. This place is set to give you all Delhi has to offer. It’s an architectural vision, the interiors are done up in wood, set to compliment the outdoors. A perfect diner date for two, at a reasonable price of Rs. 1500. An air conditioned traditional setting may not be a part of your evening plan, in that case enjoy the outdoor setting, dine surrounded by luscious tress with great food to compliment. A selection of North Indian, Asian as well as European dishes are served within a questionable service time. If it’s a horribly boring meal then this restaurant provides you with an escape route, wifi! If you can’t think of new ways to excuse yourself from questioning guests to take a drag, then take a seat in the smoking area and save yourself some excuses. Catch up with friends over a beer during the Happy Hours, 12 am to 7pm, kick back and relax. Live music played occasionally gives a tribal theme to the evening. Spend your afternoon overlooking the Hauz Khas lake while eating a portion of papaya salad, grab a drink and take your favourite read along. 9A, Hauz Khas

(Rs. 1000 per person)

Village, New Delhi
-Disha Seth


Volume 2 Issue 2


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