Nurturer of the Young


Shreena Doshi, Director, The Big Umbrella Preschool and Apple Seeds India, Reveals Why Early Childhood Care is One of the Most Rewarding Professions.

Best Thing About the Job
As the Director of the Doshi Group of Companies, my role with The Big Umbrella and apple seeds is that of governing, mentoring, and relationship building. I love the fact that we at The Big Umbrella and apple seeds are bringing a child focused, safe, hygienic, stimulating and fun environment.

Additional Perks
Children are stress busters and say the craziest things. The joy that their smiles bring cannot be matched with any materialistic perks.

Growth Opportunities
There has been a remarkable change in the process of education at an international level, and the world of education is constantly evolving to meet the needs of today’s children. Early childcare and education is globally considered an integral component of basic education. With alternative schools, IB schools, activity centres sprouting everywhere, the scope for young people is not only vast but ever growing. In addition, young people are becoming the heart of such institutions.

Teaching world over is not given the due that it deserves. Early childhood educators in metro cities tend to earn more than their counterparts in smaller cities. The remuneration is based on qualifications, experience and the ability to perform in a classroom and varies greatly with stand alone preschools, preschools in schools, activity centres, etc.

The biggest challenge I face is sustaining and maintaining the standard of quality. Additional challenges are ensuring the magic is created for each child as well as keeping staff members intrigued, stimulated and satisfied so that they are completely committed to their roles.

A Typical Day at Work
A typical day at work is madness but also exciting at the same time. Working with preschoolers and parents can be both physically and emotionally draining. My day is filled with making sure daily routines are met, parents are happy and children are happier.

Qualities and Skill Set
As an early childhood educator, one needs to have a passion for teaching and compassion towards children. Having sensitivity is important in handling every situation with a child and a parent. Patience must be every teacher’s middle name. Also, organisational skills are of great importance. An unorganized teacher’s environment rubs off on children, who can sense a rushed and scattered feeling. Another critical quality one must possess in this field is the ability to multitask, as a teacher sometimes needs to pick up an upset child, listen to another’s story and help a third with something else. Punctuality is a quality that teachers impart to their children and children pick up on minutely. Creativity also helps to keep the spark in a classroom alive.

Educational Background
I was born and raised in Antwerp, Belgium where I finished my elementary education at the Antwerp International School. A global citizen, I attended University of Warwick, UK, University of California, Berkeley and University of Mumbai. I believe my background has equipped me with a deep passion for children’s education and an innovative style of management.

Scope in India
There has been a remarkable change in the process of education at an international level, and India is fast moving in this direction as well. This is evident with the number of new schools that have opened in Mumbai itself. The infiltration of IB schools, activity centres, and alternative method schools have created a plethora of teaching and administrative opportunities.


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