Why #NoBraDay Was Trending On Twitter In India On 13th October?

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If you happened to check Twitter yesterday, 13th October, you may have noticed a hashtag trending. That’s right. The hashtag #NoBraDay was trending on Twitter in India on 13th October and we, just like you were wondering, why. 

There are two answers to this question: 

October is marked as the World Breast Cancer Awareness month. 

#NoBraDay is a 9-year-old online campaign which is according to Newsbyte is said to have been originated in Toronto, Canada. It states that a plastic surgeon named Dr. Mitchell Brown initiated the BRA (Breast Reconstruction Awareness) Day.

Though this awareness day started in a foreign country on the internet, it spread well throughout the world, thus reaching India as well.  Similar to the World Breast Cancer Awareness month, the BRA day too aims are raising awareness about the rapidly increasing dangers of breast cancer. The only difference is that the BRA day creates awareness in a much more relatable approach for women and that too over the internet, mainly social media.

By using the #NoBraDay, the No Bra Day, besides encouraging women to leave their homes without bras, also urges them to get themselves checked for breast cancer so that prevention and cure can be possible before it gets too late. The day also aims at making women understand the importance of self-examination and de-stigmatisation of the Mastectomy.

However positive and well-intentioned this #NoBraDay online campaign is, it does get attacked by creeps and others who see no point of this campaign. Nevertheless, the campaign has surely received a positive response and got the women to take steps for their betterment.

Here are some common symptoms of Breast Cancer that every woman must be careful of: 

Image Credits: Health Wise

According to WHO, each year witnesses 1.38 million new cases and 458 000 deaths from breast cancer. In India alone, an approximate of 1lakh women suffer from breast cancer and around 80 deaths are reported. This figure is rapidly increasing.

Due to this reason, women are told to go through regular breast and overall health examination in order to prevent and cure the disease timely. As there is no definite cause of breast cancer, early diagnosis can help save lives by providing the right medical services. 


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