Make Up to Make Out


Hello ladies, the very often unanswered, mind-boggling question will now finally have a happy ending. The First Date Make Up. The cute guy next door or the guy you have been crushing on finally asks you out, Wohoo! So now here is your chance to make an impression.


Rocky Road

Getting hooked to an adventure crazy, adrenaline junkie? Well you can hike up hills and look pretty while doing it.
Some light eye make up in earthy colours and a brownish pink lipgloss to match an uber cool sporty outfit will get him reeling.





Date During the Day Keeps Mommy Away!

A day to walk around in the sand, sit by the poolside while munching on a salad or for a forced sci fi movie you need the right kind of makeup to suit the date.
Wear a pink or peach eye shadow and lots of mascara; light coloured gloss to match a flowy skirt.





Moonlight Extravaganza

A date in the wee hours of the night is probably ideal for diehard romantics. It’s a tricky time for make up. Don’t go too loud and don’t make an understatement. A bright colour eye shadow or even smoky eyes with kajal and some shiny pink gloss will set you apart.






Volume 2 Issue 3


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