LOL – 100 Years of Wisdom



As Indian cinema turns 100, this column examines the top lessons that Bollywood has taught us over the past century

Dodging bullets is easier when driving

Guns Don Not Kill People, They Just Make Them Drunk, Groggy and a Whole Lot Angrier

1 Billion Indians, Yet Brothers Separated at Birth have a 100% Chance of Meeting Later in Life

Indian airport security is sensitive to the demands of young boys who wish to propose to the girl of their dreams at the boarding gate

Reincarnations are Essentially Clones of the person Born after their Death

If You are Chasing Villains in a High Speed Car Chase, The Police Will Sportingly Not Intervene or Challan You for Speeding

All thoughts in a person’s Mind are Narrated Loudly by an Invisible Celestial Fairy

Hot Girls give their phone number and address to random guys


Volume 2 Issue 4


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