Kailasa – Rangeele



Fresh, dreamy, beautiful, meaningful are just some of the words that can be used to describe Kailash Kher’s latest album. Kher, known for his soulful lyrics and energy, comes across in the most effortless manner that he is known for. This 12-track album reflects the different perspective of love. Naresh and Paresh accompany Kher on guitar and add melodies that lend a blissful dimension to each of the songs. New instruments heard on this album make each of the songs stand out. One of the favourites is Tu Kya Jaane, after the album’s opening song Albeliya. This album perfectly sets the mood for an energy-filled day with songs like Kathagaan, Rangeele and Daaro Na Rang. There’s much movement, many soulful layers and a good deal of passion that comes through. Kailasa’s latest album stands out for its distinguished song writing, singing and music. So go on, give it a listen and get inspired.

Volume 1 Issue 8


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