I've got your Number


Author: Sophie Kinsella
This light page-turner will keep you up giggling to yourself with its witty insights into a girl who can’t stop interfering in a stranger’s life. Poppy Wyatt’s life is turned upside down the night she loses her engagement ring and her phone is stolen. Fate seems to be giving her a reprieve when she spies an abandoned, fully functional phone in the litter bin the same night. In desperate need of a number so she can retrieve her fiancés’ family heirloom, she decides that finders are keepers. Except for the irate businessman, Sam Hoxton, who has all important business emails delivered to the phone. Poppy can’t stop herself from nosing through all his emails and helping out the curt, socially inept businessman. She fixes up his dentist’s appointments, sends out an email to everyone in his company, writes a condolence poem for a dog, signs him up for a charity run and even goes through his girlfriend’s emails. But maybe love just can be found in a ring… brrrring? You won’t be able to put down this one till the last page. (Rs. 550)

Volume 1 Issue 11


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