MACE CEO Jai Dhar Gupta talks to us about personal security, safety products, and more

Mace India

Jai Dhar Gupta is the CEO of MACE India, a diversified provider of personal defence and security products to consumer and business market segments under the world-renowned Mace brand.

Jai Dhar Gupta - Founder- Nirvana Being & CEO- Mace India

Mace is the Global leader in non-lethal weapons – both for civilian and armed forces, in India, MACE has launched self-defence products for civilian use under two categories i.e. personal safety sprays and personal safety alarms. While safety has been an increasing cause for concern not only in our country but the world over, we caught up with Jai as he tells us about the products MACE has to offer, the effects of crime rates on the consumer base, and what are the basic safety products one must keep handy.

  1. Talk us through the products that MACE has to offer

We offer Personal safety sprays that include products like Pepper Guard, key Guard, Hot Pink, Exquisite Purse Defense Pepper Spray, Clutch Pepper Spray and Carabiner Pepper Spray. These sprays are handy and stylishly disguised to avoid any suspicion. The 10% pepper spray formula being used in these products is one of Mace’s hottest (1.4% capsaicinoids concentration.) It contains oleoresin capsicum a naturally occurring substance derived from cayenne peppers. The OC pepper formula creates an intense burning sensation to the skin, eyes and throat, and causes discomfort to the assailant’s eyes to slam shut upon direct contact thereby giving time to the victim to escape. Mace Defense Spray also contains an invisible UV dye, which marks the assailant and may aid in identification.

The Personal safety alarms category has products like Personal Alarm Clip, Personal Alarm Keychain and Personal Alarm Wristlet 130dB. These products are battery operated and designed for daily use, they have an unobtrusive design.  These alarms include a miniature LED light, activated by a separate on/off button for a quick and small illumination of a walking path, car door lock, or other low light situations.  The alarm is activated by simply pulling the pin, which deters attackers and also functions to draw attention to you if you need medical attention or help. Use of a personal alarm switches the element of surprise from the attacker to the potential victim.  These alarms are a great tool for minors and for adults that don’t feel comfortable carrying a pepper spray.

  1. What demographic do your consumers fall into? Have you seen an increase in the number of consumers?

The products are relevant and suited for all given the nature of times – also, India tops the charts as the Country with the worst record for women’s safety.  However, as of now, our customers include women, elderly and children. As the prevailing circumstances worsen, there is a perpetual sense of anxiety in the society because of the increasing incidents in the news. As the awareness of these safety products grows, people are opting for them as these give them a sense of control over the situation. Besides remaining vigilant all the time, they can now equip themselves with devices to remain safe. This has led to an increase in the consumers among the educated sections of the society.

  1. What is the importance of keeping safety products handy?

One needs to be alert and prepared all the time. Danger can creep in from the most unexpected places too and in the shortest of intervals. So, it’s critical that one is equipped with handy safety products. There is no overhead in carrying them; they are unobtrusive and can be easily used in case of need. Living in fear is a quality of life issue – carrying a Mace self-defence tool will empower the consumer.

  1. What is the crime rate like in India v/s internationally? Does that have an affect your consumer base?

The crime index in India is 43.40 as compared to the 47.32 of the United States and 52.28 of Mexico.

The studies conducted in the recent past have shown that India’s crime is growing and it’s becoming increasingly unsafe for women especially. People are looking for ways to protect themselves. Thus, the use of our safety products has grown mostly among the educated population in India.

  1. What are the major safety issues in India? Do you think it’s largely women that need to be wary?

With rapid urbanization, the environment has grown very insecure and unsafe for the vulnerable members of the society. Issues related to women safety such as stalking, sexual harassment, rapes, molestations, thefts, trafficking, murders etc. are becoming more frequent. Yes, women do need to be on the guard all the time.  Even children and elderly whether at home or outside have become easy targets of kidnapping, molesting, rapes and murders. They too need protection.  Even men adopt our pepper sprays for their bedside table, to be used in the case of a burglary or for their glove compartment, to avoid being the victim of road rage.

  1. Tell us 3 basic safety products that we must keep with us at all times?

Three basic safety items I would suggest are a safety alarm, a pepper spray and your mobile which has some kind of safety app installed to be used.


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