How to Impress Your Professor


Johhee Sherma answers a question that many of her classmates have asked her in an attempt to uncover her secret – how do you impress your teacher?

What interests me more is ‘Why impress a professor?’ And I realise the very origin of this shtick is lack of confidence. “Be in his good books or else he’ll target you for his deadly questions” is what they say. And what if you’re not able to answer while his act of humiliation is in progress? The very thought of ‘your image’ being crashed is demeaning, so the fear of it actually happening is reason enough to be in his good books

Well, you don’t need to walk the extra mile to impress your professor. When it comes to their cross-questioning sessions in class, all you need is a bit of revision of the lesson and the right moment to answer to leave their eyebrows raised at your impressive knowledge. And if you don’t really know the answer to their question, expect to hear “That’s why we ask you to revise,” as they begin the assault on your ears with a lecture. But then you can coyly state, “Sir, I wouldn’t have attended the lecture if I knew all the answers.” Sure, it may come across rude, but a cool teacher may just be impressed. Of course, this isn’t alright with every teacher, but that is down to your own judgement.

There’s a fine line between ‘ass-kissing’ and impressing that you should be aware  of. Asking questions too often and nodding frantically to everything they say won’t be of much help. Students usually believe in the maxim ‘the more you’re seen, the more you’re remembered’. But chances of getting busted are very high. Teachers don’t appreciate an irritating face popping up in front of them all the time. A genuine tip – try only when needed.

Some teachers are flexible. They are comfortable with opinions which are poles apart and with giving the ‘best student’ award to the bad guy. They can proliferate narcissism and suppress modesty. They often leave you confused because there’s no definite way to impress them. They may find being sweet to be offensive and being blunt as broad-horizoned. Sounds fascinating in theory but be careful what you wish for. I wouldn’t recommend attempting to impress them.

Teachers never get impressed. They just get pleased – pleased to see students do homework, follow their advice, take interest in the subject or just stay mum when they turn to the blackboard. You can assume they’re impressed if they look at you and nod when you disagree. But according to me, the best way to impress a professor is by not trying at all.


1. Attend class
2. Participate
3. Arrive prepared and look interested
4. Raise your hand and ask questions
5. Turn in assignments on time
6. Utilise office hours
7. Do quality work
8. Provide specific positive feedback
9. Present yourself in a professional manner
10. Tell the truth about absences or personal issues


Volume 2 Issue 12


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