Hideously Common Masturbation Myths Debunked

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An act that is considered a taboo in our society, is in actuality an act of self-care, self-love and an act of staying sexually healthy. However, masturbation is considered shameful, disgusting and uncultural. The attempt to ‘uphold the sanctity of the society’ and the sheer lack of awareness resulted in the creation of certain myths that revolve around masturbation. These myths, though completely irrational have succeeded in making people believe in them. We have picked up some of the most hideously common masturbation myths and debunked them for you. Go and educate yourself 

Women Don’t Masturbate

masturbation myths
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Why so? For those of you reading this and up until now thought that women don’t masturbate, they surely do. Masturbating is not just a man’s thing. A majority of people believe that women are not meant to masturbate. Due to this, many girls don’t even give it a try and many others who do, don’t talk about it at all. They themselves consider it to be shameful. Contrary to this, studies show that women who masturbate are more confident about their sexuality, have high self-esteem and are emotionally and physically independent. So, girls, there is nothing wrong and shameful about masturbating. There is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t.

Masturbation Causes Blindness

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NO! Please ask yourself if this even makes sense to you. This myth has been into existence since a really long time. It is said that this myth was born only to create fear among people, make them feel guilty and thus discourage them from masturbating since earlier people believed that sex was only meant for the purpose of reproduction. There are other false beliefs too of masturbation about it causing palm hair growth, insanity, tuberculosis, and even death. Shove away these rumours because they don’t hold even 1% truth.

Couples Don’t Masturbate 

Many people think that if you masturbate in spite of being married/in a relationship, you might not be happy with your partner. Some people also think it is wrong to masturbate when you have a partner. It is really really not. In fact, studies state that those couples who masturbate are found to derive more pleasure during sex with their partners. Further, those couples who masturbate understand their bodies well, and explore the different touches that give them pleasure. On communicating this to their partners, they actually end up having satisfied and pleasurable sex. 

Masturbation Reduces Your Sex Drive 

Again, false. Actually, the complete opposite of this happens. People believe that if you get into a habit of masturbating excessively, then you lose fun and interest in actual sex. However, if you regularly masturbate, it just improves your stamina and helps you last longer in bed. Plus, it saves you from the embarrassment of premature ejaculation. 

Masturbation Causes Pregnancy

masturbation myths
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Anyone who tells you this, make sure to stand up and give slow claps to that person. After this, simply walk away. If you believe this, just ask yourself, how is this even possible. To get pregnant, the most important thing needed is sperm. Sperm needs to get inside the vagina. So no, masturbation cannot get one pregnant. However, if a couple is engaging in masturbating together/with each other, the guy must make sure that his semen doesn’t touch the girl’s vulva. 

Masturbation Is Useless 

Many people can’t see the benefits masturbation adds to your overall health. Masturbating regularly (not excessively) helps relieve stress, reduces headache, brings sound sleep, improves immune systems, helps with depression, increases self-esteem, boosts stamina and helps you explore your likes and dislikes when it comes to sexual intimacy.

Self-love is purely human, natural, a personal choice and most importantly a healthy sexual act. It’s time we realise this and start accepting what is normal instead of shaming it and shying away from talking about it. Accepting it positively will avoid such ridiculous myths from being formed and raise awareness among people. So if while masturbating, you had even the slightest guilt till now, there is absolutely no need.


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