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Prototype 2
When Prototype first came out in 2009, it was received well by gamers who enjoyed the bloodshed and open-world experience that a sequel to this popular action adventure game was highly awaited. Now, here is something you must know: the more you play Prototype 2, you will realise that it is a part of a larger story and can thus be a tad dull at times. But Prototype fans are sure to love it. While Alex Mercer was much like an anti-hero in the original game, in the sequel, this changes. The game in general and his motives in a world that had suffered under the plague of the Blacklight Virus now come in focus here and relate to arch-nemesis Sgt James Heller. The latter is a man who happened to lose everything because of the virus and swore to finish of Mercer. The characters now have a vibrant feel. The automatic targeting system might seem a bit hard to use at first, but after you play the game a lot, this becomes easier. The usual boss battles also find a place in this game, but you’ll encounter new enemies here. The graphics and animation are great, with a good deal of detail. Expect to scale up buildings, jump across blocks, combat enemies and glide across rooftops. Choose to play in difficult modes that range from normal to hard. All in all, this game is perfect if you like your video game experience to be violent and bloody.

Temple Run
Who doesn’t love a game that involves a treasure hunt? Test your reflexes as you scale down the walls of ancient temples and cliffs in the exhilarating Temple Run game. The gameplay is fantastic, as are the graphics, which are quite detailed, making the game more interesting to play. Swipe to turn; jump and slide to avoid obstacles, collect coins and buy power ups. This game will test how far you can run! However, we must warn you that Temple Run is a very addictive game and it’s free too! You will also be able to unlock a number of characters along the way.

Cut the Rope
A mysterious package has arrived and there’s a little green monster inside with just one request- as much candy as it takes to fill its hungry tummy! The monster named Om Nom is a hungry one, and you will have to really strategise to make sure that the pieces of candy end up in its mouth. To do so, you’ll have to swipe your finger across the ropes to release the candy. Don’t forget to collect stars along the way, and in later stages, you’ll have to burst bubbles too. Be prepared for plenty of obstacles! This award-winning game is one that should not be given a miss considering that it’s just Rs. 54.

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