7 Signs That He/She Is Your FoodBae


FoodBae (noun) : someone who loves food, as much as you do.

Having food alone if fun, but there’s nothing better than having someone who loves food as much as you do and whom you share similar tastes with, essentially your ‘foodbae’. Still wondering what that is? Here are 7 signs that he/she is your ultimate foodbae –

  1. You two can eat food together anywhere

There is no fuss or discussion between you two about where to go and eat food. You two enjoy each others company over food anywhere, be it a five star hotel or road side food stall, or even your work place canteen.

2. You always order extra food

For the two of you, food satisfies your soul. More the food on table, the better you feel about it.

3. You two spend more time on Zomato

While most of your friends would be spending more time on Snapchat and Instagram, making videos and taking pictures, you and your foodbae would be glued to zomato, deciding what and where to eat next.

4. You go on food adventures

You two are not afraid of going to new places and trying out new cuisines. In fact, it’s probably the best part about your dates!

5. Experiment in your own kitchen

As much as you two love going out to try out new cuisines, you are equally enthusiastic about experimenting in your own kitchen. In some cases, the kitchen turns out to be your favourite place in the entire house.

6. You exchange food

While most couples exchange flowers and other expensive gifting items to each other, the perfect gift for the two of you would be food coupons and self-cooked food for each other.

  1. Table manners? What’s that ?

When you two eat together, you just eat!You’re totally unfazed by what others may think of your eating habits and you just go all out. You don’t care if there is food all over your face and hands, because food!

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