Find Your Fragrance


Research proves that the way you smell can affect other people’s opinion of you. Make a great impression by selecting a perfume that works best with your personality!

The best way to spend a Sunday is…

A. Snuggling with your partner

B. Gathering all your buddies and having a party

C. Some quality alone time, maybe watching a movie

D. Attending a yoga session or hit the gym


Your ideal partner is

A. Romantic and sensitive

B. Creative and expressive

C. Easy-going and humorous

D. Adventurous and energetic


Your current favourite song is

A. One More Night by Maroon 5

B. Boyfriend by Justin Bieber

C. Hurts Like Heaven by Coldplay

D. Gangnam Style by PSY


Hunger pangs. It’s time to eat..

A. Italian food. Spaghetti maybe

B. A Mediterranean platter. Or sushi

C. A good ol’ cheeseburger

D. Pav bhaji with extra butter


If you were granted one wish, you would..

A. Ask for eternal beauty and escape those dreaded wrinkles forever

B. Ask for money for a world tour. Venice, Paris, London, here I come!

C. Ask for good health for me and my loved ones.

D. Ask for the ability to fly. Anything to escape the city traffic


Mostly As Spicy-Sensual

Looks like you’re sexy and you know it. Enhance your sex appeal by choosing spicy fragrances with cinnamon, cardamom, pepper and other exotic elements.

DKNY – Delicious Night

Boss in Motion


Mostly Bs Fruity-Floral
You ensure your days are filled with new experiences to escape from monotony. Perfumes with jasmines, orange blossoms, peach or berry are best suited for your colourful

Jean Paul Gauliter Fleur du Male

Dior J’adore


Mostly Cs Calming-Citrus
You’re a perfect ‘pickme-up’ for a gloomy day with your vibrant, soothing personality. But on a day when you are feeling glum, cheer yourself up with these uplifting, tangy fragrances.

Allure by Chanel



Mostly Ds Active-Aquatic
Overpowering fragrances will not work we ll with your unpretentious personality. Instead, opt for fresh, earthy tones to co mp liment your refreshing nature.

Davidoff Cool Water

Calvin Klein Eternity Aqua


Volume 2 Issue 5







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