Feeling Lethargic All Day? It’s Time To Change Your Lifestyle

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Things have become a bit complicated these days, where we feel that we don’t have any work to do and on the other hand we have lots of work but we keep on procrastinating about it. In this whole mess, we keep enjoying our sedentary lifestyle so much that after some time we don’t feel like doing anything at all. Yes, this includes doing little exercises, be it college/office work, and so on. But why do we develop such an environment around us? Why do we keep on enjoying our sedentary lifestyle so much? 

Let’s talk a bit more about the same

We keep most of our work for the end and under deadlines pressure we start to overwork but what about normal days when you don’t work that much? Do you make the best use of it?

If you also regret wasting time and instead want to do something a little productive for yourself then this article is surely for you. At this time we can’t do so much but we can start by taking little steps. 

Here are 5 things that will make your lifestyle better:- 

1) Sunlight

Yes, sunlight is very powerful in its way. Try not to engage with your phone the time you wake up, instead give this time to sunlight. Researchers have said that a person should take at least 10 min of sunlight in the morning. It helps in many ways by removing toxins from the body, makes bones strong, helps to increase vitamin D, increase blood circulation, and much more. Sun gives so much power and magic to your body that it improves our healing capacity. Sunbathing gives you immense relief from many kinds of problems including anxiety, depression, lethargy, etc. 

2) Exercise

Feeling less active is so much related to how you spend your start of the day. When you don’t engage in physical activities, the whole day you’ll feel lethargic and end up being unproductive. It’s so important to spend at least 30 minutes for physical activity. If you can’t do rigorous exercises then it’s completely okay! You can do a few simple activities like:-

Breathing exercise – this kind of exercise has proven to be very helpful for young as well as old age people. In this, you have to only sit, relax, and have to do a few breathing exercises paired with meditation. It’s a very good way to improve health and gain peace and calm. 

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Earthing – Simple yet another great form of exercise, in this, one has to walk barefoot in contact with the earth. Many facts have shown that earthing can be powerful for the body’s synchronization. You can put on some soft music and walk barefoot on a soft grass field, an easy and soul calming exercise. 

Slight movements activity – It’s better to do some energetic exercises but if you are suffering from some kinds of muscle pain or don’t feel like doing heavy workouts someday, then even slight body movements can help you feel active all day. Many professionals suggest that even slight body movements can help burn calories and make you feel energetic at the same time.

3) Always opt for a healthy breakfast

 Breakfast means you are breaking your fast after the last mean you have taken. Many people don’t opt for a healthy breakfast, they eat lots of calories in the morning without thinking that it would affect them. In the morning one should start with fats and little protein rather than lots of carbs. Eating any seasonal fruit, sprouts, seeds, and anything with veggies is breakfast foods (vegetable uttapam, omelet, oats, and so on). 

4) Set your biological clock

Setting your biological clock also has an impact on your lifestyle. Many nutritionists suggest people set their biological clock to help them with eating, sleeping, and other patterns. Having food at the same time every day helps it digest. This is known as food memory, in which the body remembers at what time it’s going to get the food. This has proven to be the best medicine for making your lifestyle even better.

5) Have a break between meals

Keeping a gap between meals again has many benefits. Snacking on food every hour or two has adverse effects on the body. Overeating leads to laziness. Keep a minimum of 5-6 hours of gap between your lunch and snacks/dinner, as it will help the body to digest the food that you have eaten. It will also prevent bloating. 

These were some of the ways to help you live the lifestyle you would love. Keep reminding this to yourself, always opt for the living that makes you feel great about yourself, don’t fall for things that look good from far, rather keep a reality check about it. Always believe in yourself and your body, the body heals and will love you back but only when you give it the time.


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