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Avic II

Avicii has been ranked among the top three DJs in the world in the past year. His singles have made it to the top of the dance charts and he has been nominated for awards among the best electronic musicians in the world. His previous India tour was met with success which is the expectation for this tour as well.
Mumbai – April 6
Delhi – April 7





Punchline Chennai

Punchline Chennai is a unique standup comedy contest that will attempt to promote the art of stand-up comedy in the city and provide a stage for new talent to grow in the field. The contest will find its winner through the verdict of the judges as well as the audience. It will also feature Praveen Kumar for the first time in Chennai.
Chennai – April 7





Photorgy 2013
India’s largest, and first ever, international photography festival is all set to take place. The festival aims to create a platform for photographers to showcase their work and inspire others through a seminar, photography competition, exhibitions and a fund-raising rock concert.

New Delhi – March 30 to April 21


Volume 2 Issue 10


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