CultRang 2021: The Annual Cultural Fest Of IIT Goa Ends On A High Note

CultRang 2021, IIT Goa

After spending over a year cooped up between the same four walls, CultRang 2021 burst onto the scene to put the monotonous and featureless on hiatus.

On-site gatherings being deemed unsafe for obvious reasons did not dampen our spirits in the slightest, owing to which the second edition of CultRang took place with just as much enthusiasm and pep, albeit entirely on online platforms.

With an intriguing set of events pertinent to the performing arts, inviting the dancers and the musicians, and the fine arts, subject to excitement among the painters and sketchers, there was unparalleled engagement among everyone involved.

Owing to the thoughtfully structured events and the team’s interaction on various grounds, CultRang 2021 saw over 2500 registrations from all across the country, from various reputed institutes. The submitted entries were featured on the Instagram page of the institute clubs, which attracted immense admiration and appreciation from the fellow contestants.

Besides, the insightful workshops, along with the spell-binding pro-nights, were a spectacle to behold. Not only did they provide us with the perspectives of an expert, but they also created a pleasant interaction during the webinars, which encouraged conversation from the participants, leading to an amalgamation of learning and roistering.

All in all, CultRang 2021 promised to be a memorable experience and an interlude from the hassles of online lectures, quizzes, and assignments – and it absolutely lived up to that promise!

The fest’s systematic planning and immaculate execution would have been a fretting matter, but for our sponsors’ helpful involvement and support. Special thanks to India’s Super Brain, India’s first competition that judges you on your ability to grasp new concepts in tech and is equally well designed for beginners and pros with handsome cash and job rewards, an Alien Brains initiative, for being our Title Sponsors and believing in us and also lending their platform Sociana to enhance college fest experience and Delta Store for being the Co-sponsor.

Many thanks, also, to all the participants and contestants, and Kudos to the winners!


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