Cool Things To Do After Board Exams

board exams
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Months of anxiety, stress and exam pressure have finally ended. It is your time to roll and have the best break ever. Most of you must have already planned an entire schedule for the next two-three months, but there are some of you who have no clue of what to do in this break. Worry no more. Here are a few cool ideas for spending an amazing break.

board exams
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Fun-filled Trip with Friends

If you have never gone out with friends on a trip apart from school/college trips, here is your opportunity to do it. A little effort to convince your parents, some amount of money, deciding on a place and strong willingness to chill, is all it takes to make this happen. There is no other greater fun than going on a trip with friends.

Family Picnic

Since your family members too have been eagerly waiting for your examinations to get over, a picnic with the family is a great idea. In India, board examinations are not just stressful for students but also for their whole family. Since the entire family goes on stress mode, it too deserves a break. Moreover, during exams, family time is often compromised. A family picnic is a great way to re-bond and reconnects with your family.

Binge Watch TV/Web Series

Sitting in front of the screen and ticking off all the movies and series you had decided to watch but couldn’t because of the exams is another best things that you can do. The digital space is flooding with a large amount of interesting content, which shouldn’t be missed at all. Stash your home with all your favorite snacks and drinks and get all set to binge watch.

Accomplish All That is There on Your Bucket List or Make One

Every individual must have a bucket list of things he/she wants to try out in life. If you already have one, utilize your free time in accomplishing things that are on the list. Though completing all might not seem possible, take up those which can be done easily. If you have not made a bucket list till now, go ahead and do it.

Go for Stay/Sleepover at your Best Friends’ place

Best friend’s home is always a second home. This is one thing all will agree to. Head over to your ‘second home’ and chill. Eat yummy food cooked by your best friend’s mom, watch TV, dance to songs, stay up late and chat. Sounds exciting and fun right? Imagine how great it will be to actually do it.

Host a House Party

Organize a house party, order delicious food and drinks, decorate your house with funky stuff, invite friends, groove on loud music, play games and just celebrate the end of exams. You can also invite your family members and add to the fun.

Chase Your Hobbies

Two-three months is a long time. Join classes and learn things you have always wanted to do. This can involve learning a dance form, sketching, learning yoga, joining the gym, learning a new language and so much more. Getting productive and adding to your personality is definitely going to help you in the future.

Apart from these, there are many other ways to enjoy this long break. You can find your own ways to spend your break in a fun way.  


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