Colours To Wear At Work And How Do They Matter

office colours
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Choosing clothes to wear at work is an everyday dilemma that you can hardly escape (unless you’re a styling wizard). Spending generous amounts of time in front of wardrobe is a ritual common to many, in their daily routines. What you wear depends not only on your personal style statement, but also on other factors such as important events, laundry schedule, or just your mood, perhaps. However, let us introduce you to a not-so-stern work place norm that will add colours to your work life, literally. Focusing on certain colours in your daily dress pattern will definitely make dressing up an easy affair and leave you feeling cheerful even on gloomy work days. It will be your ideal personality-enhancer in so many ways and might just fetch you that long over-due promotion. Yes, trust us!

Various studies have highlighted that colors act as great mood influencers and change the way people respond to you. What you wear defines your personality in a certain way. Since colours denote different characteristics, it will be a good idea to play up with hues in your wardrobe. Here is a color guide for you to rock that work place attire that would probably get you brownie points from your co-workers, or even your boss!


Though considered as an unusual choice for work, green could actually work wonders. It sends out harmony-filled, soothing vibes, making it a good pick for work place. It’s a great color and you could even jazz it up with accessories


If you have a dramatic work atmosphere where you are always on your toes, blue might save you from Monday blues (oh, the pun!) and every day jitters. Known for its stable appeal and calming effect, it is good to add different shades such as navy blue, dark blue or a baby blue even.


This color denotes wisdom and a sense of maturity. Wearing brown may also make you appear more intellectual and wise. However, do not add a lot of brown as it might become a dull choice if you wear it too often.


Black is the safest color of all, without a doubt! It imparts a sense of authority and sophistication, especially when it’s the colour of your trousers or jackets. Wearing black for more formal events is always advised.


White is an all-time classic for office wear. This colour characterizes perfection and tidiness.  A white attire may appear plain, so adding a tie or statement jewellery will be effective and classy. You are likely to come across as focused and sincere, two of the desirable qualities at work place.


Bright colours such as red, orange, pink must be avoided when picking clothes to wear to the office. They become too stressful for eyes and denote loud characteristics like anger and frustration, which you never want to exhibit. Going for lighter shades or pastel hues will add to your personality. Working on colour combinations and trying different kinds of decent yet classy accessories will do all the right tricks to take you and your personality a notch higher.


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