book series

Perfect Lockdown Book Series Recommendation For You

With no prior commitments or engagements, given the lockdown like situations still existing, one has abundant time at their disposal. This is...
Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing Platforms Are In A Tugging War To Serve You The Best

On 14th July, Bharti Airtel which is India's second-largest mobile operator announced the launch of its video conferencing platform, 'Airtel BlueJeans' in...
Mac Apps

5 Important Mac Apps For College Students In 2020

Only you know how much information you have to keep during your studies. Those are not only photos, favorite songs, or videos....
Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge Beats Mozilla Firefox With Slight Margin To Get Second Place

We all use our favorite browsers to surf websites. The features and extensions provided in the browser make it distinct and win...
Money Heist

In Spite Of Being A True Money Heist Fan, I Regret Binge-Watching It

This quarantine, Money Heist is a show which has gained increasing popularity. The drama, intensity, violence, wit, mystery element and the gripping...
Self-Help Books

5 Self-Help Books That You Must Read In Difficult Times

Our quest to constantly improve ourselves and learn something new to add more value to ourselves is incomplete without reading a good...

5 Novels Bibliophiles Must Get Their Hands On Right Now

All those who love to read, more specifically bibliophiles, would agree that there is nothing better than the scent of the pages...
aloha cafe

Satisfy Your Belly With Some Delicious Food At The New Aloha-All Day Cafe

We go to numerous places looking for healthy food that’s also delectable but this combination is so rare that we often fail...

You Have To Read These 5 Books If You Are Into Marketing

There are many books on marketing in bookstores which guide you about a career in marketing. If you are into marketing and...
book reading

3 Best Books From 2019 To Read Now If You Haven’t Read Already

Book reading has always been a fascinating exercise for the youth and adults alike. Even after the advent and continuous growth of...

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