Sunday, March 26, 2023

The Green Grower

Are you fascinated by Flowers and Plants? Then nurture you Green Thumb and pursue a career in Horticulture

The Right Design

Interested in the art and science behind buildings and structures? Tanaya Ramyani explores the prospects of a career in the creative field of architecture
Dietetics and Nutrition

Dietetics and Nutrition: A Lucrative Career For Health Enthusiasts

With the realisation of the importance of a healthy diet, Ankita Deuri explores the vast sea of opportunities that a career in the field of nutrition and dietetics can offer you
career in voice-over

Is Your Voice Capable Of Producing Any Sound Under The Sun? You Might Make...

Youth Inc gives you all the facts about embarking on an alternative career as a voice-over artist

A Pill to POP

Apoorva Nanjangud takes you throgh the nitty gritties of a career in pharmacy that deals with everything from a headache to battling deases

Shop Till You Drop!

Do you pour over fashion magazines each month and spend the most part of your money on clothes, shoes and accessories? If you have sartorial style, then a career as a personal shopper may be for you

Lawyer: A Profession That Can Never Run Out Of Fashion

Ever fancied the black robes that every lawyer wears to court? or just have a flair for an objective argument? A career in law can do you good then, finds a Youth Inc correspondent
environmental career

Environmental Career Paths Less Traveled By People In India

Unconventional careers that are commonplace in other countries are fast becoming a popular choice in India for many good reasons

Global University Rankings 2011

Welcome to the Education Times & Youth Inc Global University Rankings 2011. This intensive research exercise has polled thousands of people in over 30 countries to rank the...

From Inspiration to Perfection

The art of converting the space contained within four bare walls into a loving and cosy space has gone far beyond just interior design. Nisha...