Brouhaha – Sydenham’s annual intercollegiate festival


Introducing an Institution like Sydenham College insinuates recapitulating a history of 104 years.  Sydenham being the pioneer institution of Commerce education in India as well as Asia, has definitely contributed in making India a truly modern and progressive nation by producing a myriad of exceptionally bright alumni who, by their Alma matter a reason to seek pride.

Brouhaha is Sydenham’s annual intercollegiate festival. It is one of the most reputed festivals in western India and allures students from more than 70 colleges all over India. Their events range from Literary Arts, Performing Arts, Fine Arts, Management World to Informals and Tele-matches.this year the theme for the event is THE MAGICIANS HAT.What would you pull out from a Magician’s Hat if you had one? It’s time to wake up the magician beneath who has been asleep for eternity! Pick up your wands wizards and witches and map your way through the Rainbow Lane. This is for those who dream of grasping the inexplicable. The one who wishes to keep the audience’s eyes on stalk. For the ones who want to pet a dragon. For those who wish to stop the falling rain drops just before it touches the ground. And for the ones who are tired of staying between Muggles. Let the magic run in your veins! Unbridle the spellcaster within & let STUPEFY be on the tip of your tongue as you’re not the only one here!



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