Bizzare Makeup Hotlist

Bizarre makeup trends

Love them or hate them, there’s no denying that these makeup trends took the beauty community by a storm. We’ve seen our favourite beauty gurus try them, and we’ve seen Instagram rave about them. But are you bold enough to try them out yourself? Want to take spring to the next level? Try sticking flowers to your eyelids. Always wanted crystal-looking lips? Turns out, you actually can get them. Never seen snakes in person? No problem, carve them out on your eyebrows. Tired of wearing fur jackets or boots? Wear them on your nails!

Floral Eye Makeup

Floral eye makeup

Sure they might look like the most Pinterest-worthy works of art in photos. But in person, this ‘floral’ eye look is far from easy to perfect. And even when you do, how are you going to avoid the judgemental heads turning towards you? This makeup trend made its debut on Instagram in the spring of 2017. Will 2018 follow suit?


Geode Lips

Geode lips

Lips that rock! (quite literally). The crystal-like Geode inspired lips are probably the most aesthetically pleasing beauty trend of 2017, but so impractical to wear. They’re a mad combination of metallic colours, liquid glitter, one or more base colors, the perfect ombré effect and clear gloss. We have to admit, these looks give the actual Geodes a total run for their money!

Faux Fur Nails

Fur nails

Probably the most cringe-worthy trend of all time, fur nails made an appearance on the New York Fashion Week runway back in 2016, and then to a multitude of Instagram posts. Jan Arnold, style director and founder of CND Nail Polish was responsible for the nails’ runway debut. The nails are made with a base colour of your choice followed by adhering the faux fur to the nails with the help of a clear top-coat as glue.

Squiggle brows

Squiggle brows

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any crazier, along came ‘squiggle brows’. It’s hard to decipher what inspired this bizarre trend (we’re thinking it was either a slithering snake or an inchworm!). These brows aren’t shaped by plucking hairs but by using washable glue. However, most beauty gurus achieve the look with some eyebrow gel and a ton of concealer.


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