Bade Miya, Mumbai (Rs. 250 per person)



CUISINE: Bade Miya is a roadside restaurant that specialises in meat and kebab preparations. To the non-vegetarian Mumbaikars it could either be a place of exquisitely delicious food at an economic rate, or another roadside stall that has gained popularity for no reason.
AMBIENCE: Being a street stall, on first glance it is a pathetic sight with chappalwala waiters serving a number of people mining into their delicious chicken on the bonnet of their Honda cars. The patrons look like the stolen crowd of the Taj Hotel, lurking around here. Yet, it has the best crowd that is hypnotized by the aroma of freshly grilled kebabs in the open night sky.
FOOD AND DRINKS: A few dishes succumb their identity entirely to Bade Miya like the Chicken Baida Roti, which can be seen kept on almost every plate served. The Chicken Seekh Kebab gives a smoky flavour to your taste buds. The vegetarian food might not receive the highest run rate but it won’t send you running back to your house either! Chicken Bhuna, too, is a fine deal.
SERVICE: Service issues do not seem to exist as the waiters make sure that the food lands on your table within ten minutes.
PRICE: The popularity of the foodie hub does not seem to have sky-rocketed the prices of the roadside shack as they are still deep-rooted in the soils of Mumbai. A meal for 4 will cost one at most a thousand bucks.
OVERALL IMPRESSION: What outshines all the food is the apparent dedication and pleasure in the pursuit of eating in the people around, which leaves you hungry even on a full stomach. And lastly, the chalta-firta washbasin deserves a mention. A waiter carries a jug full of water and a huge vessel to your table and as you bend over the vessel, he pours water on your hands so you can wash off the crumbs. Behind Taj Hotel, Colaba, South Mumabi
Pankhuri Shukla 


Volume 2 Issue 7



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