Abhiyaan 2021 – Back To School


Bharati Vidyapeeth College of Engineering is glad to announce the annual cultural fest of their college – Abhiyaan 2021 

Together, we prevail!

Lets relive our school days and overcome the boredom of online classes with ABHIYAAN 2021, BACK TO SCHOOL.

Abhiyaan is an inter-collegiate fest lasting  from 11th – 14th May, 2021. The fest hosts an array of events which celebrate art, culture, technical skills and sports. This year’s theme for the fest is Back To School where students celebrate and relive various aspects of school life with a pinch of twist owing to the current pandemic situation . 

This year’s theme explores the academic aspects of students life by creating events that bring back the nostalgia of school and college life which students across the globe have experienced. School days are indeed the most fun, memorable and  unforgettable days of our lives. We made thousands of memories every single day even without realising how precious they were. People do not realise the essence and lifelong mark of good old days they spend until they have passed by hence come on, gear yourself and join with us to add on some of the most magnificent days in your life.

They have various intellectual events such as debate, group discussion and extempore where students come together, share and listen to the thoughts of their peers on various genres which includes a wide range of topics such as philosophy, psychology, science and technology, current affairs and politics. In today’s rapidly changing world which is widely dominated by social media, they have  adapted our fest to include technical events such as meme contests and photography events. Though they have evolved with time, they have not forgotten the importance of the long lived heritage of India i.e the traditional art & culture events such as singing, dancing & painting and have also added the modern touch of short films to it. Physical growth is as important as mental growth. Considering this in mind, Abhiyaan every year  organises a lot of sports events to help students explore their athletic skills. Following the covid norms this year they have planned to add a technical aspect to it which includes online games and  staying indoor yet showcasing talent in confined spaces using digital apps to monitor games that are normally sported outdoors.

Abhiyaan believes that overall growth of students is the key to successful education. In order to achieve this  and to build self confidence in students Abhiyaan hosts a Fashion show. It is undoubtedly the showstopper event where girls and boys explore and experiment with fashion and glamour by thinking out of the box and way  beyond the norms set by the society. This ignites creative thinking in students and helps them to explore worldly experience of life along with academic and athletic growth. 

This year the students of BVCOE welcome you to join hands with us not only as spectators but as participants to explore the fun we all have  missed being locked inside the four walls of our house glaring at the screen. 

At the end of the day, we hope that this fest will certainly create nostalgia about your Alma mater and help you enjoy your life a little better in this pandemic reminding you that TOGETHER WE PREVAIL.

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– Amruta Dange & Dinesh Bhuwad 


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