8 Exciting Things To Do In Keflavik, Iceland


Keflavik, Iceland is a small and charming town just outside of Reykjavik. While it isn’t often frequented by tourists, there are plenty of things to do in Keflavik that make it worth spending the day exploring and enjoying the unique culture that makes this place stand out from other cities around the world. So whether you are just about to pick up your car from Keflavik airport or hoping to see a different side to Iceland, here are some fun things to do while in this small town.

8 Exciting Things to Do in Keflavik, Iceland

1) Explore the Mývatn area

The Mývatn Nature Reserve is a vast land area of moors and black lava where serene lakes meet rocky hillsides. You can explore the nature reserve’s starkly contrasting landscapes on foot or by boat as you come across ponds, craters, and fumaroles. It is also possible to explore hot springs beneath the earth’s surface by following an off-road track which leads through lava fields. There are three active geothermal areas at Hverir, Krafla, and Námafjall, with Hverir being the most powerful. The region offers a wide range of activities such as hiking, fishing, sightseeing and swimming. There are also many opportunities for birdwatching around lake Mývatn which has a rich variety of birdlife including ospreys.

2) Relax at Laugar Spa

The perfect place for a little relaxing. This quiet and rustic spot is at the edge of the town of Laugarvatn, with panoramic views over the lake and mountains. Spend your days enjoying beautiful nature on land or on the water – horseback riding through lava fields, fishing from one of their small boats, and exploring the local bird sanctuary. Whatever it is you need, this healing spa will have it waiting for you.

3) Meet the locals

Keflavík is a small town with only 10,000 residents. Yet it’s home to the international airport for the entire country. There are opportunities for interaction with locals at every turn. Rent a car and head up the road around Reykjanesbaer- known as The Coasts of Reykjanes- and stop in towns like Grindavík and Hafnarfjörður to taste food and see local events. Head over to Vík on the other side of the peninsula and you’ll find some amazing caves, geological formations and one of Iceland’s most breathtaking waterfalls. For a unique experience while you’re in town, take part in an Icelandic horseback riding tour or go whale watching with one of our friendly guides.

4) Visit The Reykjanes Peninsula

The Reykjanes Peninsula is the westernmost region of the country and it’s one of the most diverse regions. In addition to its stunning beauty, this area also has a rich cultural history as well as abundant wildlife. It is recommended to explore some of these natural wonders by taking a boat trip out into the ocean or visiting one of the beautiful cliffs. Visitors can also walk on lava fields and see geothermal springs. As you explore, be sure to stay alert for roaming sheep.

5) Try local cuisine

Fresh seafood can be found almost anywhere you look here, but a truly authentic Icelandic dining experience is the best when done on the road. They serve everything from crab dishes and lobster soup to cod and deep-fried Icelandic fish. In addition to food, you can find craft beers on tap and live music on certain nights. The atmosphere is fun and lively.

6) Take a tour of Viking World

Take a tour of Viking World. Book one of the many fantastic tours offered by Viking World, where you’ll get the chance to walk on the ocean floor, fish for cod, and take a look at some sea creatures up close. 

7) Shop at Bryggjubodin Flea Market

One of the most popular attractions in Keflavík is the Bryggjubóðin, Flea Market. As one of the best places to buy souvenirs, you’ll find traditional Icelandic handicrafts and interesting gifts from all over the world. You can also shop for groceries from a local food store. One fun activity is taking photos of yourself with costumed models for a memorable photo souvenir.

8) See the northern lights

There are few things in life more impressive than the Northern Lights. They are beautiful and magical, but sometimes a little difficult to find. In some locations of Keflavik you can see the northern lights, just do your research.


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