6 Most Well Guarded Secrets About Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions
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Hair extensions make it very easy to try out a number of different hairstyles for numerous occasions. Despite their usability, there are a number of things about them that most people don’t know. Read on to find out some of the best-kept secrets about hair extensions:

1. Clip-in Extensions Hold Curls Better

This is a pretty well-known fact among hair stylists but many people are unaware of it. Clip-ins hold curves much better than your natural hair would. This has to do with the fact that they are processed. As they stay curled for longer, you can ensure that your hair maintains its volume and stays in place throughout the day.

All you need to do is ensure that you use a good hair spray to set the curls in place. You can also pin all curled clip-ins with a clip a couple of hours before you have to go out. This will keep your hairstyle intact for a longer period of time.

2. You might not get it right the first time

Hair extensions are depicted as something really easy to use and all you need to do to get your perfect hairstyle is clipping them on. While the process is actually pretty simple, it does require some practice to get your desired hairstyle right.

It will take you a little time the first few times you use hair extensions so do keep that in mind. As you go on repeating the process over the course of a few days, you will find it much easier to use them and it will hardly take you time to get them on and style them.

3. You can replace extension clips

Due to regular use, the clip-ins often get damaged over time. When this happens to your hair extensions, you don’t have to throw the whole thing away. A lot of people don’t realize this and find themselves throwing the entire extension away and purchasing new ones, thus, spending much more on them than they actually should.

Clip-ins are an easily replaceable part of hair extensions. When they get damaged, you can get new ones and sew them into the extensions. This allows you to extend their usage and thus saving money. However, over time, if the wefts show some damage, you may have to get new extensions.

4. You can customize your own extensions!

Yes, you read that right! You don’t have to get new extensions every time you want to try out a different hairstyle (which you would obviously want to do). Instead, you can make some changes to the hair extensions you have available.

All You need are clips, needles, threads, and a pair of scissors and you can style the extensions any way you want. If you have a particular style in mind, you can simply go online and look for the numerous tutorials on various platforms.

You could also just check out halo hair extensions for their wide range of styles you can buy from and keep numerous hairstyles handy.

Hair Extensions
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5. Density and Placement are Important

It is very important to place the hair extensions in a proper manner and at the right point. Hair extensions can put an extra burden on your roots because of their weight. So, you need to clip them on at a point where your hair has the maximum density and is strongest.

If you have hair of a lighter density, you should always buy hair extensions that are of a lighter weight to avoid damaging your natural hair. It is generally a good idea to avoid adding the extension on the back of the neck because your hair is weaker at these spots.

6. There are different details you need to take care off

Besides the density of the hair extensions, there are a number of other factors you need to keep in mind before buying one for yourself. When you look for extensions, you will find natural, synthetic, Remy hair, single-drawn, and double-drawn.

Buying either the single-drawn or the double-drawn depends on the density of your natural hair and the type of style you are opting for. The latter holds more volume of hair with more uniformity while the former holds hair with up to 2-inches of difference between them.

Also, be wary of silicone-coated extensions because it would make the hair shinier initially but wears off quickly and damages the extensions.

Now that you know all about hair extensions, you should go and buy some that suit your natural hair and help you get the hairstyle you have always desired!


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