3 Best Cafes To Visit In Old Manali

Cafe in Old manali
Photo by Mrinal Kanti Ghosh on Unsplash

Are you up for a trip to Old Manali? Then you must be searching for the best café in Old Manali. After all, Old Manali cafes have the most exquisite vibes associated with them, besides the serenity of Manu Temple. The good news is that your search ends here as we have listed the best cafes in Old Manali.

The Lazy Dog

The Lazy Dog is one of the best cafes in old Manali, awaiting your visit. First of all, the location of this café, the Manu temple, has a magnetic attraction about it. While you would not stop salivating at the delightful taste of food The Lazy Dog has to offer, the desserts here are just made for your taste buds.

The best part is the live performances that you can enjoy during the holiday seasons by the most exquisite bands. 

Qudrat Café

Qudrat Café is another best cafés in Old Manali, which is on the way to Manu Temple. You are destined to feel at home when you’re at Qudrat Café. If you are hunting for the best coffee and desserts, Qudrat Café is the place you cannot miss out on!

You would know it the moment you reach there as Qudrat Café serves you 100% Arabica coffee that is sourced from Delhi’s oldest roastery! 

Qudrat Café is also the best café in Old Manali for breakfast as here you are served with the ecstatic feeling of listening to classic rock music in the background while having a memorable conversation with your travel buddies as well as the owners of the place. You would also love the home-like cosy interior with white walls and colours popping from the bookshelf.

While you can treat yourself with the delicious Qudrat Special Sandwich, Mango Toast, and Cheesy Egg Bowl, the Hot Chocolate here would undoubtedly allure you. Qudrat Café has a lot to offer besides food as your heart would skip a beat when you drown in its gorgeous display of art and books.

So, you can rest assured you will have the best time at Qudrat Café and its super-friendly owners.

Rocky’s Café

Rocky’s café is the place for you if you want to dive into the beauty of the great Himalayas and the chain of panoramic mountains. Here, the white snowy views would consume not only all your blues but also the top-quality food would make your trip worth it.

Rocky’s café is one of the most affordable cafes in old Manali, with friendly people and soothing music. Rocky’s special non-veg pizza and chilli chicken are must-try for you.

Hence, now that you know the best cafés in Manali around the heavenly atmosphere of Manu Temple Old Manali, it is time to pack your bags and experience the most delightful journey.


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