10 Things You Will Relate To If Your Best Friend Is Your Soulmate

Best friend
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There is no other free, lucid, comfortable and warm relationship like friendship. A best friend is like a cozy home you return to after a tiring day. The one thing that is absolutely special about strong friendships is that once you connect and vibe with a soul, there is no going back. We usually connect the most with our best friends and if the friendship survives the test of time, stretching for years, then our best friends become our soul mates. If you have one such best friend who you think is your soulmate, then you are going to find the below-mentioned facts extremely relatable. 

1. You don’t have to ask them what they want to eat

Be it the place they want to eat at or the food they want to eat, you will always know the perfect meal to order for them. You know exactly which food makes their heart happy. This goes both ways. 

2. You are sick of listening to them complain about their relationships, but you still choose to patiently listen every time 

It’s the 5th time you are coming to me with the same drama, I can’t take it anymore!”, you want to yell and tell this to them, but instead you choose to swallow it down and listen patiently to them because you know they have no one other than you to vent.  

3. You know each other better than you know yourself 

You legit know how they will act to a certain thing, the next thing they will say, or what exactly they will think when you tell them something. You will predict everything they are capable of before they themselves think of it. 

4. You call the shots for each other when needed 

Sometimes, they won’t be able to see the right thing for them and choose the wrong path. This is the time when you will step in the way, take the reins in your hand and start calling the shots for them, only to protect them from everything wrong. 

Best friends
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5. They are the first ones to know about anything new that happens in your day/life, good or bad 

Be it gossip that comes your way, or about you messing up with something, they are the first person you call. Always!

6. When someone confides in you telling you not to share it with anyone, your bestie doesn’t count 

You are good with keeping secrets but definitely suck at keeping it from your best friend, and that shouldn’t change ever. 

7. You have looked the ugliest in front of them and you don’t care about it 

You two have got rid of the filters long back. Neither of you cares what you’ll look like. 

8. They are the only ones with whom you can be unabashedly demanding 

When you truly love a person, aren’t worried about being judged and feel absolutely secured, you will demand everything you want from your best friend without once feeling skeptical or shy. That demand can be for anything from as big as attention to as small as a gift. 

9. No conversation is off the limits with them 

Feeling awkward to have a conversation? Best friends don’t know what this is. You and your soul mate have had a conversation on almost every single thing under the sun and not one of it has made you’ll awkward. Rather, it helped you’ll to become soulmates. 

10. They are just another one of you 

Best friends
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Yes! There is one more like you living on this earth, and that person is your best friend. Though different, they are just like you from within and that is exactly why you two are soul mates. 

Relatable much isn’t it? Share this with your best friend and let them know this too! 


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