Gender Equality

Where Does India Currently Stand On Gender Equality?

While it’s clear from the recent news that we haven’t achieved gender equality, are we on the path towards even thinking of...
How To Deal With Low Grade

How To Deal With Poor Grades

Another year has passed, and the most dreaded time of the year has arrived - at least for students. Exam Results. Two words enough to...

Youth n Democracy Campaign To Reach Out To 1 Million Indian Youth By 2018

How do the youth of India experience democracy in their daily lives? PRIA’s (Participtory Research in Asia) Youth-n-Democracy Campaign (YnD) is crowd-sourcing answers to...
Volunteering Abroad

Everything You Need To Know About Volunteering Abroad

If you’re a student taking a gap year, a fresh graduate who still isn’t sure about what path to take in life, or a...

Lessons from the World's Oldest Democracy

NISARG KAMDAR EXPLORES THE AMERICAN ELECTION PROCESS AND FINDS VALUABLE LESSONS FOR INDIA The two-year-running acrimonious battle to be elected to the august office of...


The beginning of a revolution - By Priyanka Mehra

The Young and The Reckless

Many lives have been lost on roads since the young driver felt it safe to hit the road after a drink. Youth Inc looks into the disturbing issue
save for future

Save for Future or Spend for Present?

Today's youth is focused more on spending rather than saving. Kanika Nayar dives into the issue, providing insights and the way forward...

Arranged in Heaven

Traditional arranged marriages in India have given way to many awkward moments for the younger generation. Youth Inc digs deep

Education News – October 2013

FOREIGN UNIVERSITIES OFFERING SHORTER COURSES * Fearing a drastic reduction in the number of Indian students owing to the sharp decrease in the value of...

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