16-Year-Old Aava Murto Becomes PM Of Finland For A Day, Fights Inequality

Aava Murto
Image Credits: Foreigner.fi

In modern time, it is usually said that, “age is just a number, maturity is a choice”. It defies old, classical notion whereby maturity and age were considered to be concurrent to each other. Numerous people belonging to diverse fields ranging from sports to entrepreneurship, from scientific innovations to artistic proficiency and from religion to statesmanship, incessantly proved this classical dictum wrong from time to time. 

On 7th October, in an extraordinary event, 16-year-old girl, Aava Murto became Prime Minister of Finland for a day as a part of national campaign to end gender gap. In order to effectuate this progressive move, incumbent Prime Minister Sanna Marin stepped aside letting Aava Murto take her position. 

Aava Murto
Image Credits: The Tribune India

This extraordinary move was an outcome of fourth year of Finland’s participation in humanitarian organisation Plan International’s “Girls Takeover” initiative on United Nation International Day of the Girl which allows teenagers to step into shoes of leaders from diversified arena. The broader aim is to raise awareness of girls’ digital skills and opportunities in technological industries and highlight the problem of online harassment against women. 

Aava Murto emphasised on gender equality in the field of technology usage and its development. According to her, young people could teach adults to be more innovative and think more about the future. Aava Murto said, “All too often, girls in developing countries are excluded from the digital skills and know-how that could enable them to have a safer, better future.” In order to spill out inequality, she said “Inequality affects many of us girls globally and impacts our lives in a variety of ways. That said, we girls are more than just victims, we represent enormous potential. With our help, many issues can be solved.”

Aava Murto
Image Credits: Metro

Gender equality is quintessentially a foundation for peaceful, prosperous and just society since fundamental biological distinction between sexes cannot be a ground for discrimination. Women across the globe are none less than their male counterpart in any field regardless of their race, ethnicity and age. Aava’s symbolic accession to topmost governing post in the country, rekindled ambitions and hope among young girls to pursue statesmanship.

Finland is a Nordic country which had been featured at top spot in World Happiness index of 2019, secured 12th position in Human Development index of 2018 and ranked 5th in Democracy index of 2019, has historically been acknowledged for harbouring progressive and liberal views towards women’s cause. This reflects from the fact that, incumbent Prime Minister Sanna Marin sworn at the age 34 and became youngest person to assume this office last year. Her government is a product of coalition of five parties which are all having female leaders at their helm.

Finnish government along with Plan International has set an example by giving importance to youth in creating awareness for a social cause as enthusiastic and innovative youth have more proficiency in handling modern technology. Finland’s approach towards fighting gender inequality with more infusion of technology in lives of women is inspiring and commendable that must be followed all across the globe.


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