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WARTECH: Ultimate Robotics Showdown

The Centre of Excellence in AI and Robotics (CEAR) club of the Army Institute of Technology, Pune, recently organised the much-anticipated technical event WARTECH. The event saw robotics enthusiasts from across Maharashtra come together to showcase their technical prowess, and it did not disappoint.

With over 30 teams and 150 students participating in five exciting events, WARTECH was an incredible opportunity for students to learn from one another, gain exposure to the latest advancements in robotics technology, and compete in some thrilling contests. The events included Robosoccer, Roboclench, Maze Runner, Drone Drag, and Rusty Wheels, each presenting its unique challenges.

In the Robosoccer event, teams competed against each other in a game of robot football, showcasing their ability to develop autonomous systems and control complex movements. The Roboclench event required participants to build the strongest and most durable robot arm to outperform their rivals. The Maze Runner event, on the other hand, tested the participants’ problem-solving skills, as they navigated their robots through a challenging maze. Meanwhile, the Drone Drag event saw participants race their drones against each other, pushing the limits of their aerial capabilities. Finally, the Rusty Wheels event challenged participants to build the fastest and most efficient remote-controlled car.

The prize pool of 2 lakhs plus goodies was a significant attraction for participants, but the real reward was the opportunity to interact with other robotics enthusiasts and learn from their experiences. The organisers deserve commendation for their dedication and hard work in bringing such an exceptional event to fruition. The participants’ efforts and commitment to innovation and excellence in robotics were nothing short of commendable, making WARTECH a resounding success.

Overall, WARTECH was a testament to the potential of robotics technology and the dedication and passion of the participants. The event was a resounding success, providing an ideal platform for robotics enthusiasts to showcase their talents and exchange ideas. The CEAR club’s efforts were well-received by all, and we eagerly anticipate more such exciting events in the future.

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