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Kaleidoscope 2012
Sophia College for Women, Mumbai

This year’s Kaleidoscope (Sophia College, Mumbai’s festival) saw six days of inter-collegiate competitions, panel discussions, workshops, fun-fair-like stalls, freebie giveaways, shows, and the staple of every college festival – celebrities. Spanning from 4 to 9 September, the theme was Rewrite the Future, inspired by the supposed Mayan prediction of the world ending this year. But instead of letting it be a doom-inspired festival, Sophia ensured it would be a carpe diem (seize the day)-esque celebration. In spite of the festival being staggered over nearly a week, the days were action packed. The first three days were devoted to eliminations and had an almost eclectic mix of both events and participants. The highlights were Last Supper, a cooking contest, whose participants had to make pasta; Cogito Ergo Sum, a panel discussion on how to eradicate corruption in the city government with panelists the likes of Mira Sanyal and Dolly Thakore; Sponstageous, an improvised acting contest which drew out personalities like Lallu Prasad and Hitler from the participants; Open Mic Night for budding stand-up comedians; and Cannon Workshop by Pritish Rao which taught beginner photographers the basics of a camera. The celebrities emerged for the second half of the festival. Rani Mukherjee and Raghav Sarchar turned up for the launch of Times Green Ganesh by the Times Group. Lisa Hayden and Femina Miss India Vandya Mishra judged the final round of Mr and Ms Kaleidoscope. Actors Varun Dhawan and Sidharth Malhotra promoted their film Student of the Year oncampus. There were also events aplenty, including Sway with Me, a ballroom dance event; the finals of JAM; and Symphonique which had three categories: Final Countdown, a singing event where participants sang songs they thought would save the world, Apocalips, a theatre performance competition, and Keep Calm and Disco where both participants and the audience grooved to disco. Dus Ka Tees, Kaleidoscope’s signature event, was all about participants impersonating Captain Planet in different storylines. The winners of this year’s Kaleidoscope are HR College (placed first), Jai Hind (second) and Sophia College (third). The celebrations came to a close with After 8, Kaleidoscope’s curtain call event, with contemporary Indian rock band Indus Creed.


Kiran 2012
K.C. College, Mumbai

Three marvelous days packed with exuberant vibrance, hardwork and fun swayed at K.C. College’s 2012 Kiran Fest: The Rise. It truly did make all the energetic participants and audience rise with socially relevant events, humour filled stand ups and jaw-dropping performances. Principal Manju Nichani said, “Kiran 2012: The Rise is a call to the youth of this youngest nation to rise up to fight all the evils prevalent in the country today. The students worked very hard and touched many socially relevant subjects through their events like women’s rights, child abuse and I am glad that their hard work has paid off beautifully.” The fashion show imbibed a glamorous streak with judges like actor/Vj Ranvijay and model Nikita Dutta. The stand-up comedy event filled laughter to the brim in the audience’s guts. Suresh Menon and Amogh Ranadive judged this humorous saga. Luke Kenny was present for the dramatic film event which made the crowd cheerfully hoot. Tributes were paid to their late superstar alumni Rajesh Khanna through a special round in the group dance event and Antakshari event. The closing ceremony was a huge marvel closure. Actor Boman Irani and Niranjan Hiranandani were an integral part of it. The team behind the youthful film ‘From Sydney with Love’ was also present.


Carma 2012  (Image Credit: Mark My Fest)
TSEC, Mumbai

CarMa 2012 – Thadomal Shahani Engineering College (TSEC’s) magnificent three-day fest was a plethora of management, literary and fun events that left the audience dazzled and rejoiced. The fest commenced with a flash mob in its opening ceremony, wherein the official CarMa’12 video was featured. Quiztacular 2012 as was one of its flagship events. Participants came from across states. The other dazzling events included One hour Job, Stockmania, Revamped, and a host of other events. Spelling Bee, Talk-a-thon, Sound of Silence and Verbal genius were the literary and oratory events convened by CarMa’12. They were seriously brain-storming. On the lighter and fun side, there was the The Amazing Race, Bluffmaster, MUnopoly, Ad-apt and Flash. Appetizing food and beverage stalls were just what the participants needed after Over & Out and Goal Manager, the box cricket and rink football tournaments of CarMa’12 respectively. These events received massive crowd cheering. It was a tummy-satisfying and fun-inducing fest. All did commit serious, benefitting karmas!


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