Pair A Dice - Board Game Cafe

Five Best Board Game Cafes In India

You may always be up for a wild night out but nothing beats a chill evening with your closest pals, without the distraction of...
quirky stationery

Affordable Places To Buy Quirky Stationery

In a world where technology has taken over people’s lives, a new breed of stationery addicts has emerged. For them, the craze for stationery...

Old Cafes and Restaurants You Must Visit in Mumbai

These old cafes and restaurants will amaze you with their food and old time vibes, leaving you wanting more! Kyani and Co. Situated opposite Metro Theatre,...

Lesser Known Art Forms

Art is a diverse range of human activities. Drawing, painting, dancing, sculpting is not only what truly describes art. There are a lot of...
Tanushree Dutta - Sexual Harassment controversy

5 Indian Celebrities Who Have Openly Spoken About Being Sexually Abused

Earlier this week, actress Tanushree Dutta spoke about being sexually harassed at the hands of Nana Patekar around 10 years ago, a revelation that...

Can’t Keep Calm, There’s A Gemini Around!

The Gemini's are here!! They are the third astrological sign in the zodiac, originating from the constellation of Gemini between May 21 and June 21. Gemini is...

The Aesthetics Of Instagram

Choosing A Color Scheme Do you want it to be Black & White? Or Vintage ? Whichever it is, stick to it. If you want...

15 year old invents a Drain Cleaning robot

At the age when most children spend their free time on computers and video games, this young boy invested his spare time creating robots...

Log Into A Blog

Blogs, for years, have proved to be the broadcasters of independent voices. Ever since their inception, they have been used to channelize one’s writing...

Every Girls Wishlist

We all have our own exclusive style and comfort zone when it comes to footwear, but there are some basic shoes that every girl must...

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