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world in your backyard

There Is A World Right in Your Backyard

Taking a trip overseas means planning ahead of time, a really long and sometimes almost-impossible-to-acquire leave from college, and an, of course,...

Travel for Music

For the musical wanderer, Sean Sequeira lists the best destinations for music festivals in the country Wanderlust forces us to go to places we have...


On reaching Rishikesh, you will see the Ganges as it emerges from from the Himalayas. On getting closer, you will find the streets lined...

Oh The Places You'll GO!

Want to travel but unsure? Abhik Bhattacherji takes you on a journey exploring what travel teaches you

No Goa!

Youth Inc picks three New Year destinations for those looking for a different experience from Goa's heady parties. Bring in the beginning of the end of the world – 2012 – in one of these distinctive hotspots!
top 5 beaches

Top 5 Beaches That Have Bright And Clear Blue Waters

For a change, ditch the mountains and lush green forests and go for a long beach trip. Cool as it sounds, relaxing...

Inside The World’s First Permanent Ice Hotel

The hotel is in Jukkasjärvi, near Kiruna, in Swedish Lapland. There are 20 suites, 11 ‘art suites’ and nine deluxe suites, where guests can...

New Year Spectacles!

As the world gears up to welcome 2013, Vatsala Chhibber tells you about the best new year celebrations across the world. Which one would...

Kargil: The Epitome Of Heaven Through Lens

Tiger Hill  The snow-capped mountain in the background is called Tiger Hill. It stood as the final frontier...

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