How Travel Changes Life

Travelling is transformational. When we talk about creating a strong impact or getting influenced, there are not many things that are as impactful as travelling....

The Marvellous City

  Aparna Sundaresan guides you through Rio de Janeiro, the cultural hotspot of Brazil Nicknamed the Cidade Maravilhosa or Marvellous City, Rio de Janeiro has many distinctions...

The beauty of Nepal

Get a glimpse of Nepal before you plan your travel to the beautiful country   The culture of Nepal through the eyes of a group of...

What Kind of Traveller are You?

Once you know your travel persona, you can find certain tools to help make your traveling much easier and more enjoyable. Isha Mathur introduces you to your...
electronic gadgets

5 Cool Electronic Gadgets to Carry With You While Travelling

A trip to a hill station with family or friends is the best break you can take from a hectic and mundane...
adventure destinations

5 Lesser Known Adventure Destinations Every Travel Enthusiast Must Visit

Adventure lovers are always looking out for adventure destinations to visit. They like to undertake adventurous activities that are filled with joy,...

Hippies in the Hills

Back in the 60s, hippies travelled the world, discovering new places and embracing different cultures. The places they loved and called their own is now part of the famed Hippie trail. Nathaniel D’Costa picks out three spots that the...

Puducherry Joie De Vivre

Sukrit Dhandhania takes you on a day tour of pondicherry, a haven that evokes love of life

Festival Fever

Most music lovers prefer attending festivals than going to individual concerts. It gives the listener exposure to more artists, brings a variety of crowds...

Rajasthan Revisitied!

Youth Inc strays off the beaten path to explore the incredibly colourful, hospitable and culturally-rich desert state of Rajasthan

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