World of Couch Surfing

Always Felt Travelling and Experiencing 'Adventure' Creates a Hole in Your Wallet? Jasmine Chabria Shares with you the Cheap, Adventurous and Amicable World of...
Kashmir in winters

Capturing The Serene Winter Life Of Kashmir

The Kashmiris say that one needs sanctions from the Lord to see Kashmir in all its beauty; implying of course to the...

Orchha: Medieval Magic

Orchha is a medieval architectural marvel that puts modern towns to shame. Youth Inc explores a chunk of India’s forgotten history through this erstwhile...

Wend Your Way To These Affordable Weekend Getaways

The entire hustle and bustle throughout the week can suck the life out of anyone – and that’s why weekends exist. Ah the life-giving-weekends,...

How Travel Changes Life

Travelling is transformational. When we talk about creating a strong impact or getting influenced, there are not many things that are as impactful as travelling....

10 Countries, 10 Music Festivals

Set out on a global music odyssey; Trishann Henriques compiles a list of some of the best international music festivals USA Coachella, California The bastion of...


Goa is famed world over as a beach haven, and why not? With its sandy beaches, gorgeous coastline, beach parties and nightlife, unique local...
places of great architecture

6 Must-Visit Places For Architecture Lovers

Frank Gehry a Canadian born, the world-renowned architect said: “Architecture should speak of its time and place but yearn for timelessness.''  

Bitten by the Travel BUG

David Byrne, an accomplished athlete and producer of 'The Travel Bug', a travel show that has been on air for a year now in India, talks to Youth Inc about his experience travelling around the world

Prehistoric Petroglyphs and Other Tourist Attractions in Anguilla

Just north of Saint Martin, Anguilla is a British territory. It consists of the main island as well as several smaller islets,...

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