World Destinations

World Destinations in India

A virtual tour of World destinations in India Portofino and Lavasa - A look at how the planned city of Lavasa resembles Portofino in Italy Mauritius and...

What Kind of Traveller are You?

Once you know your travel persona, you can find certain tools to help make your traveling much easier and more enjoyable. Isha Mathur introduces you to your...

Quarantine Is Teaching Us The Basic Philosophy Of Trekking

I have always been into trekking and minimalism. This quarantine, I realized that there are many ways we can learn how to...


Goa is famed world over as a beach haven, and why not? With its sandy beaches, gorgeous coastline, beach parties and nightlife, unique local...

Travel for Music

For the musical wanderer, Sean Sequeira lists the best destinations for music festivals in the country Wanderlust forces us to go to places we have...

No Goa!

Youth Inc picks three New Year destinations for those looking for a different experience from Goa's heady parties. Bring in the beginning of the end of the world – 2012 – in one of these distinctive hotspots!
Solo traveller

Embarking On A Travel Story Of A Solo Traveller

Have you ever fantasized about the idea of leaving everything behind and set forth for a journey? Being a solo traveller myself,...

Bitten by the Travel BUG

David Byrne, an accomplished athlete and producer of 'The Travel Bug', a travel show that has been on air for a year now in India, talks to Youth Inc about his experience travelling around the world

A Breathtaking Mexican Beach Break

Mexico is the ideal place to visit ancient ruins, museums, award-winning restaurants, and beautiful Mexican beaches. You can climb stunning mountains and...
the traveling trinity

Cycle Across Cities

Before the tour Himanshu, Kamal and Sangeetha were working together in a travel company in Mysore. Only Himanshu and Kamal were using cycles, Sangeetha...

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